And finally - Challenge! What challenge!
25th May 2010
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Job done!  It was fantastic, stunning and blooming tough, but I completed it and got the T-shirt and the certificate to prove it.  Only fell off one ladder stile and managed to avoid a rabid bull that wasn't happy about us being in his field, truly an amazing show of his power!
A few pictures are posted below just in case you are interested in seeing where I have been.  Also doing well with my sponsorship target, 2/3rds of the way there, which is also fantastic!

Once again a big big thank you for all your sponsorship to date and if you were waiting until I had completed the walk now is your chance to sponsor me and help me to reach my target
Thanks again, Denise Mather, DEMand RESULTS - The HR, Leadership and Development Specialists Tel: 01455 240 638 Mob: 07787 573018

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