50th Hinckley Carnival will be going ahead in 2011
18th February 2011
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<p> </p> <p>It was sad news when we heard that the Hinckley Carnival was unlikely to take place this year because every member of the previous carnival committee had resigned! This was a particular blow for many with it being the 50th year of the carnival. However, the very latest good news for the town is that a new committee has been formed.</p> <p>The <strong><em>2011 Hinckley Carnival</em> date</strong> has been moved to the <strong>Sunday 11th September 2011</strong> to provide the time necessary to make all the arrangements for what is being planned as a landmark event for Hinckley with a  theme of ‘Throughout The Ages’. As the theme might suggest it is hoped to be able to have a historic event represented from each of the last 50 years on the day.</p> <p>The <strong>new Chairperson of the Carnival committee will be Louise Newton</strong> the landlady of The New Plough Inn, Leicester Road. Both Louise and her partner are well known for having an amazing track record when it comes to fundraising.</p> <p>Let us hope that the spirit, determination, drive and ambition that Louise, her partner and the whole carnival committee can bring to the event will be able to meet the challenges ahead to make this a very special year for the carnival to help mark its 50th Anniversary. As a start, ‘Negativity’ at meetings has been banned and only solutions to overcome the mountain of obstacles will be allowed to ensure progress towards their goals.</p> <p>A good start has been made with innovative fund raising ideas on the table, which could well include a possible world record attempt that the whole town can join in with. There is still a great deal to be done and for this reason the whole town is invited to support the team in any way they can. The <strong>next meeting will be held at the New Plough Inn on Monday 21st Feb at 6pm</strong> and this is where the real work starts to ensure that Hinckley’s biggest and best Carnival event ever takes place this year.</p> <p>If you would like to help make the <strong><em>50th Hinckley Carnival</em></strong> happen then do please come along to the meeting, you will be warmly welcomed.</p>
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