Ware To Do Business | Business Networking
  • The Feathers Inn
    49 Cambridge Road
    SG12 0TN
Ware to do Business is a thriving and diverse networking group offering subscription-free membership.

Meetings are informal but business focused with quality referrals, regular think tanks, presentations and invited guest speakers. They cost £8 which includes breakfast on the day.


By the members, for the members

WTDB is run by a group of its members, purely for the benefit of those who come to the meetings. We don’t look to make a profit, and we are not part of a national group looking to grow its empire. We are run by the members, for the members.


Good Business

We don’t pressurise people into giving referrals, but we we do know that the group finds good business for its members, and that members do business with each other.


Why people come to our meetings

  • It’s fun : chat with like-minded people
  • It’s informative : our talks focus on practical advice for people running a business.
  • It works : the group helps its members find more work.
  • It works for you : we don’t expect you to make our meetings a higher priority than your business : we accept that not everyone will make every meeting.
  • Everyone is welcome : we won’t refuse you just because we already have someone in your line of work.

Give it A Go!

Why not give it a go ? There’s no subscription, no commitment and no risk. Simply book into a meeting, and come along.

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