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Body Stress Release (BSR) is an effective pain and stress release management healthcare solution to help you perform at optimal physical and mental functioning. Proven to reduce pain and stress for all kinds of problems, Body Stress Release is an ideal alternative.

Welcome to Body Stress Release - effective pain and stress release for optimal physical and mental performance. Charlotte Richardson-Knott MISMA MBSRA BCMA - Body Stress Release Practitioner

Have the stresses of everyday living become overwhelming?

Do you sometimes feel old before your time, have joints that feel like they need a thorough oiling, difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning or perhaps felt that your 'get up and go' may have 'got up and left'?

The good news is that these are not signs of aging as we are sometimes led to believe, but purely signs of accumulated stress and tension, easily reversed with Body Stress Release.

Clients have found that their enjoyment and quality of life is enhanced through regular sessions of Body Stress Release.
People often ask what Body Stress Release is like, and whether it compares to any other healthcare technique that they may have tried. To fully understand Body Stress Release, it needs to be experienced. It is completely unique and offers a safe, gentle yet effective way to assist the body and mind to release stored tension which has become stored over time, as a result of stress overload.
The impact on the nervous system undermines the body's co-ordination and ability to function efficiently. This may affect an individual's quality of life or sporting abilities and cause intense pain, stiffness, numbness, inflexibility, burning, fatigue and discomfort throughout the entire body.

There is no forceful manipulation, machinery, medication, massage, or side effects. An initial detailed case history helps reveal the possible origin and root causes of the problem. Then with the client fully-clothed and lying down, a series of light pressure tests are performed to locate the exact sites of stored tension. A light, but definite manual stimulus is then applied to encourage the body to release this tension, thus assisting the body and mind in its in-built ability to heal and maintain itself. Clients are amazed that such a gentle technique can be so effective.

Particularly successful in relieving lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, migraines and sciatica. Whilst Body Stress Release is neither a diagnosis nor a treatment of any specific condition or illness, it assists the body in restoring its self-healing capacity.

Body Stress Release has been researched and developed in South Africa since 1981, and in that country, it is mainstream, having built up a cooperative relationship with medical practitioners and specialists, with a large percentage referring their patients for Body Stress Release.
In the United Kingdom, Body Stress Release is a member of the British Complementary Medical Association. For further information, please call Charlotte on 01920 460 458 or 07858 160133.

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