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Eyemasters, Hastings

I’ve just bought my 4th pair from Richard of Eyemasters and want to sing his praises. Every pair has been so much better than any previous pair I’ve ever had. They are faster reacting, more comfortable and most importantly clearer, yes much clearer. I will never go anywhere else and would happily pay twice the amount but don’t tell Richard. Try him I guarantee you won’t regret it

The Dental Barn, Eastbourne

Frightened of dentists they put me at ease immediately. To the extent that I almost fell asleep during an extraction! Very professional and friendly I’ll never go anywhere else

Eyemasters, Hastings

I went to Richard for some new polarised glasses that stop the glare from inside the windscreen which are brilliant! I travel long journeys with my work and wouldn't do without them. If you are a rough tough tradesman you need a pair of these!!! I would definitely recommend Richard to anyone for glasses as this man is so knowledgeable!