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Ashdown Hurrey, Hastings

I had contacted Ashdown Hurrey to help me with the opening statement and cash flow projections for my application for a grant, to offset build costs for my holiday letting business. The grant was approved unanimously by the board members and my application was commended for thoroughness and the quality of the financial data submitted. The task was daunting for me as a layperson, and Martin Copland used my core data to create a sound rationale and key financial assumptions to complete the cash flow projections. He exceeded my expectations by helping me to complete other spreadsheets, which were not part of the remit, to give me the best chance to be victorious, not only for the application but also for the business. He was kind, patient and extremely supportive, and was available to answer my queries, even late at night. I felt during the process that he cared and I received excellent service despite the fact that my business is micro. Ashdown Hurrey has a team of highly skilled and trained professional accountants and support staff, who are humble and dedicated. I recommend Ashdown Hurrey highly, and I am thankful to be one of their clients. Karen