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Ditzy Media, Eastbourne

I had some great social media training with Mina and can't recommend her highly enough. She is an expert in her field but communicated her knowledge in language that can be easily understood.

Eyemasters, Hastings

I can't praise Richard Smith highly enough. For many years I had been told by high street opticians that because my eyesight was bad, even with thinned lenses, I needed to wear glasses with small, shallow frames to avoid that very unlovely beer bottle effect that no spectacle wearer wants. When I told Richard this he assured me I could have any size frame I wanted; he could deal with the lens thickness by being more precise and professional in his dispensing. End result? I had a very happy time choosing frames in the size I wanted, that suited my face. Richard stocks unusual frames and I chose 2 pairs of fabulous frames from a French supplier -1 pair in shocking pink and another in smoky grey - that were fitted with varifocal lenses. Richard's studio is like an Aladdin's cave of stylish frames, so having bought these I also ordered a pair of single lens glasses to wear at my computer that have really helped, given the amount of time I spend staring at a computer screen. Richard's studio should be a destination of choice for anyone in East Sussex or Kent looking for first class optical care, expert professional advice and fabulous frames.

SocialBee Social Media, Hastings

Social Bee plugs a gap in the market. Every business needs to use social media and use it well. Social Bee provides a great service, and great training in social media. best of all, its affordable and jargon-free.