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Calmer Self, Hastings

I rarely have time to stop, and when I do make time, there is always something to distract me. Finding the time to actually get to Nadine’s Meditation Class took some planning. But as soon as I was on my way, I felt relaxed. It is so much easier to relax and let go when you are in a dedicated space away from life’s distractions. I spent a lovely hour on a sunny beach with the waves lapping at my feet, and a distant clock ticking to keep me focussed and in the moment. The session left me relaxed and surprisingly wide awake. If you have ever thought about meditating but can never find the time and space. Get yourself to Nadine. See you on the Beach Claude

Knight Accountants, Hastings

When we had an issue with our Payroll and letters from HMRC, Knight Accountants lived up to their name and charged into action in their shining armour. Kellie from Knight Accountants took in issue in hand, removing all worry that had incurred. She resolved the issue and explained how this was achieved and then gave advice on best practices. Knight Accountants are certainly Super Hero’s and we continue to use their service for all our accounting needs. it is my pleasure to recommend and promote your services to my contacts.