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SocialBee Social Media, Hastings

I attended the Social Media Workshop last week and found it very informative. Social media is far more complex than I previously appreciated and I found the workshop extremely useful. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anybody using social media for business.

Kings Stationers, Hastings

The customer service of this company is second to none! Delivery was faster than buying online and I will not be going back to my old suppliers from now on.

Eyemasters, Hastings

I had an eye test and took my prescription to Eyemasters who made me my favourite pair of glasses to date. What I really like is that the experience was totally different to the my previous (numerous) high-street interactions. Richard clearly has a wealth of experience in his field and is able to deliver and expert service without leaving you feeling that you are being 'processed'. His premises is 15 minutes out of town and there was no time-pressure which is very refreshing and unique. I've recommended 2 family members to Richard and I can't imagine wanting to go back to the old way in the future. Thoroughly recommend Eyemasters.