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Bannatyne Hotel Hastings feeling great drinking cocktails ...!

All chilled out and happy drinking 'Iced Espresso Martini'

Step on in to the Bannatyne Hotel and Spa

What another glorious day at the hotel and our beautiful gardens ...

Congratulations to the new Mrs & Mrs Adams!!

Congratulations to the new Mrs & Mrs Adams!!
Jodie and Alice got married here at Bannatyne on Friday 27th July 2018

It's a bit gloomy in Hastings!

It may be gloomy outside... but still a lovely destination for a get together. Why not?

Bannatyne Hotel Hastings - Christmas Party Nights now available...

We've got it all wrapped up and covered...

Bannatyne Hotel Hastings - 80s 90s Club Night

Massive shout out to all you party people!!!

We have an amazing 80s 90s club night on Saturday 28th July from 20.30hrs to 01.00hrs.

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