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The discount utilities brand that saves you money.

Apart from oxygen what do we use every day without thinking?

Do we send a text or make a phone call? 

Put the lights on? 

Turn the heating on?

Cook a meal?

Use the internet? 

Pay for goods or services? 

I'm guessing the answer is "yes" to most of those questions.

How about doing all of the above but with the added benefit of knowing that your utilities are working hard for you to save money! That's where Utility Warehouse comes in. We can save you money on the above essential services. Home phone, broadband, gas, electricity and mobile plus many more benefits. And I, Louise Anton Lapworth, am your local representative!


Utility Warehouse can help anyone who lives in a house or flat whether rented or owned. We can also help small to medium sized businesses. 

Regularly recognised with awards by independent consumer magazine Which?, we aren't on any of the comparison sites - instead we rely on word of mouth recommendations to spread the word.

We strive to be the most trusted utility provider, the one you'd recommend to your mum through:

Savings: The more great value services you take, the more you can save.

Simplicity: providing you with one bill each month rather than lots of different ones. 

Service: we pride ourselves on our award winning customer service team at our head office in London and me your local representative. 

It costs nothing for me to pop round and show you how we work and what we can do for you (well, maybe it'll cost you a cup of tea, but I'll provide the biscuits!) 

Call Louise from the Utility Warehouse discount club.

Saving you money every day on the things you use every day.


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