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Your garment embroidery and clothing print specialists in Hastings.

The Stitchery Company creates clothing with the personal touch. 

Based in Battle they specialise in garment embroidery and print, serving clients all over the South East and right up to London.

If you need to make your company stand out from the crowd with clothing that promotes your brand, head straight to The Stitchery Company. With only the highest standards in quality for every item of clothing, your workforce will be able to head out into the public to promote your business identity in style.

Garment embroidery

The Stitchery Company has been offering machine embroidery to businesses in London and Hastings since 1992. With over 25 years of experience in the industry you'll be hard pressed to find a company that can create a finished article that looks as impressive.  

Their vast experience within the industry means they have the technical know-how to produce a durable and stylish solution for your business. Rest assured your logo will be reproduced to the highest quality and precision.

Garment printing

Using various methods of printing to suit the need of the clients logo and garments, The Stitchery Company can offer screen printing, vinyl prints and DTG printing. Each client's needs are different and different methods of printing work differently on different clothing types and with different logo types.

Custom orders

Customise your workwear package in a way that exactly suits your specific needs and gets your business noticed. The team are happy to offer a custom order based on your individual requirements - all you need to do is give them a call!

They are happy to negotiate a deal price to provide you with all of the items you need for your exhibition or show. For details and a bespoke package just for you, then please fill out the form on the Contact Us page to talk things through and to receive a quote.

Workwear packages

As well as bespoke orders, The Stitchery Company offers two workwear packages which are ideal for construction trades.

These make it simpler and more affordable to re-order for new employees or to kit your team out.

Low Usage 

If you work in what would be classed as a ‘clean job’ where you don't need a new T-Shirt every day, then the low usage package is for you.

The package is from £35+VAT and includes 3 T-Shirts and 1 Sweatshirt.

High Usage

If you work in an environment of heavier usage where a new T-Shirt will be needed every day, then the high usage package will be more suitable for you.

This package is from £50+VAT and includes 5 T-Shirts and 2 Sweatshirts. 

If this sounds like something you're looking for or you'd like more information, please visit the Contact Us page.

Placing an order

It couldn't be simpler to order your workwear from The Stitchery Company. You are advised to give the team a call initially to talk through exactly what you're after.

They then need your logo in any digital picture format, as well as details about what garments you need and what their purpose is. You can either supply your own garments or you can choose from the huge range of garments available directly from The Stitchery Company.

Almost any logo can be embroidered but it's worth remembering that the simpler the design the better the result will be. The only feature that isn't possible to embroider is shading so if your logo has shading in it, then it's best to discuss how it can be adapted to work for your garment. The team have specialist expertise in this area and can offer excellent advice. 

To make sure you're 100% happy with what will be produced you'll receive a stitched sample of your logo and a quote. Once you've signed these off The Stitchery Company will proceed with your order.

Cost breakdown

There are two costs involved in each order: the setup cost and the cost of the order itself.

The setup cost covers the programming of the machines to stitch your logo and also includes the stitched out sample you'll be sent for final approval. This is a one-off cost and is priced based on the time it takes to digitise your logo.

The other cost is unit cost which includes the cost of the garments and the cost of the embroidery or print itself.

For all your garment printing and embroidery needs, speak to The Stitchery Company.

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