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Your local garden farming and smallholding business bringing the countryside to East Sussex.

Have you always harboured a desire to keep your own chickens? 

Do you love the idea of having a beehive at the bottom of your garden?

Are you looking for a holiday home for your guinea pigs while you're away?! 

Located right in the heart of the East Sussex countryside, Mantel Farm is a family run smallholding shop, training facility and animal boarding service.

This small scale family business sells only products that they themselves have used and support animals with which they have direct experience in keeping. Their aim is to operate in as self sufficient and sustainable manner as possible.  

Specialising in poultry, the farm has many breeds of poultry on site, as well as beehives and small families of ducks, quail and geese.

You're always welcome to visit Mantel Farm during opening hours to take look at the animals, browse the shop or even just speak to them for advice.

The shop is open 2 days a week on Fridays and Sundays 10am - 4pm.

Mantel Farm showcases how you don't need a large farm to be able to keep animals. As long as you have a reasonably sized garden it can be home to a hive for bees for honey or a few hens for fresh eggs. You only need a small pig paddock to be able to enjoy your own tasty pork.


Services offered

Animal boarding

Need somewhere for your animals to stay while you're away? No problem!5d8cc0ff27a7adebbc0001b1

The animal boarding at Mantel Farm service covers chickens, ducks, quail, guinea pigs and rabbits.

With a dedicated area in the barn specially for animal boarding, and various sized pens to suit the requirements of the different animals, you can be sure your pets or smallholding flock is well looked after while you're taking a break.



Mantel Farm has built up its beekeeping experience over recent years and they're delighted to be able to share it with you! 

They have a range of beekeeping equipment and beekeeping training courses available to help you on your beekeeping journey. Keep an eye out on new developments as they are constantly improving and updating their range of hives and equipment.

Budding beekeepers are strongly recommended to belong to their local Beekeeping Association for the advice and support they can offer.

Training courses

There are a number of training courses run throughout the year that cover a range of popular subject areas. These include beekeeping evenings and weekends for the beginner or experienced beekeeper, chicken keeping courses and handling demonstrations with health checks, animal husbandry courses and other general smallholding related courses.

There are also specialist rural and craft courses including wine and mead making. Keep an eye out on new courses that are being added for next year!



The farm has a range of animals available for you to choose from:

  • Hybrid Chickens
  • Pekin Bantams
  • Ducks
  • Cockerels
  • Quail 
  • Hatching Eggs

When you choose poultry from Mantel Farm you will get happy, healthy animals that have been well looked after. And if you need training on how to handle poultry that outlines the basics for keeping them, then courses are available at the farm too.

Housing and equipment

If you decide to keep animals, you'll need somewhere to house them! 

From small broody coops to large stand-alone houses with walk in chicken runs, there's a wide range of chicken housing to choose from at a budget to suit you. They even have plain chicken wire available if you've decided to make your own DIY chicken run.


All housing can be taken away or delivered to your property.

You can also get all the other bits & bobs needed to look after chickens & other animals:

  • Feeders
  • Feed storage
  • Perches
  • Dust baths
  • Egg trays
  • Chicken wellbeing products including protecting the chickens against mites 

Pest Control

Sometimes having a smallholding or garden farm can lead to unwanted "visitors" such as rats or red mites. Mantel Farm not only sell pest control products that work but they also recommend the services of Graham at GB Pest Control on 07876 1089434 if you need to deal with an infestation.

The Farm Shop

Visiting the Mantel Farm shop is the perfect way to buy local! 

If you need logs or kindling, local honey, fresh free range eggs or even poultry manure you'll find it all under one roof.

And if you're not sure what to buy but you know you'd like to get someone a gift from Mantel Farm then why not buy them a voucher?! 


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