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Have you heard of the incredible health benefits that can be found through using Forever’s aloe vera products? Through personal experience, Alison Purves, Business Owner with Forever The Aloe Vera Company, based in St Leonards-on-Sea, has been impressed many times over by the properties of the aloe vera plant.


About Alison



Alison found herself facing uncertainty after being made redundant from her corporate career whilst at the same time receiving the heartbreaking news that her mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimers.

Faced with having to become a carer for her Mum at home she was also in the awkward position of having to create a corporate income with limited time during the day to earn it.  

Alison discovered the home-based business opportunity that Forever The Aloe Vera Company offers.  With this business opportunity, Alison realised that she had a vehicle to provide the best possible care for her Mum at home, as well as re-create her corporate income AND positively impact her health. It truly offered her a win win situation. 

Alison has not looked back and has risen to a Leadership position with Forever that enables her to mentor other Forever Business Owners so that they too can gain all of the benefits of working alongside a worldwide brand from home.

About Forever Living


Forever’s aloe vera is one of the finest available on the market, which has resulted in achieving an enviable reputation in the market. The key to Forever Living's success is a commitment to quality and purity. 

Treated with the greatest care, avoiding freeze-drying and heat-treating, the aloe vera in Forever Living products retains its beneficial properties.  Starting with 100% inner leaf gel, just enough other natural ingredients are then delicately added to produce an outstanding product range of iconic aloe vera drinking gels, personal care, animal care and skincare and a multi-purpose detergent.

Forever also provides a range of sports and weight management products.  These are so versatile they can cater to the needs of every individual.  Whether you are a sports professional looking to supplement your diet and training regime, or are someone trying to get in shape, Forever has the nutritional support you need.

Quality is always front of mind with Forever.  Their supplement range are nutraceuticals being produced from top quality ingredients and combined so that our bodies can absorb and use them easily.

To see the full range of products available click here


Wake up to a new type of makeup



You may not be aware that Forever have their own makeup range – flawless by Sonya.  This includes shades to suit all skin tones and is hyperallergenic. 

Importantly, as with all of Forever’s products, it is not tested on animals and has a 60 Day satisfaction guarantee. 

Alison is a qualified makeup artist and trainer and can offer consultations for customers to try this cosmetic range for themselves.


Seize a new you and a new chance with Alison Purves and Forever Living Products


If you are passionate about good health, personal development and helping others and want to work with a multi-million dollar brand to develop your own business, then you need look no further than Alison.  With a track record for successful mentoring and team development in her previous corporate career and with Forever, Alison has the skills to guide you towards a new future.

A consultation can either be face to face or via Skype and costs nothing.


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