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Great service from Richard at Eyemasters. A wonderful second-hand frame re-glazed and restored. Great job. Would definitely use Eyemasters again.
I was away a lot of the summer and had a pair of sunglasses from Eyemasters. They were fantastic in the August sun of the southern USA, they transitioned from bright light to inside shade and everyone could see my eyes, yet I was not dazzled, except by the wonderful utility of the sunglasses themselves! Richard at Eyemasters is extremely knowledgeable about glasses, frames what is best for your head and much more. If you need glasses to combat low winter sunshine, specialist frames, driving at night glasses and more I highly recommend going to see Richard.
Richard made me feel very welcome in the studio and done an amazing job assisting me in picking out my new frames. The service was quick and very informative. I will definitely be using Eyemasters again.
Richard is clearly an expert in his line of work. Take him your latest and previous optician's prescriptions and talk to him for 10 minutes or so about your lifestyle, and he will advise you on the best eyewear for you, help you decide what you want, then produce it for you at very reasonable cost. Having used a single pear of "Jack of all trades" glasses for the past 4 years, I took my prescriptions to Richard and ended up with three pairs: everyday spectacles, sunglasses for really bright days or lengthy times outdoors and a pair of night driving glasses that reduce the glare from oncoming headlights - all for only slightly more than I would have paid for the all-in-one compromise glasses. Richard also offers advice that, once given, seems obvious, but never occurred to me before. For instance, I should keep my previous prescription glasses in my car in case I need them in an emergency - it is no good having them safely at home if I need them then out and about. Richard is also a lovely man: easy to talk to and very gentle. Highly recommended!
I have, at last, been EyeMastered! I’m really pleased with the glasses I’ve picked, everyone I have seen since I picked them up says they’ve got the wow factor but suit me far better than my old frames. They also feel like really good quality, are lightweight and really comfortable. The whole service was fantastic, Richard really listened to my needs and style, and gave frank and honest advice. I won’t hesitate in going back for my next frames, and have already passed his details on to my friends and colleagues.
Richard totally knows his stuff! I've valued having his frank and honest opinion - combined with the required expertise - resulting in a perfect new pair of 'fully loaded' glasses. I'm surprised they didn't come with a 'head-up' display... ;-) So I absolutely recommend Richard and Eyemasters!
Going to Eyemasters last 4 years and it's always great. Richard always delivers on time. Great service and wide selection of frames. Well recommended.
Richard is definitely the go to guy for glasses!! He has exceptional knowledge in this field. He will recommend the glasses that will suit your needs and also style advice, which glasses will look good on your face! If you want someone filled with passion and good old school customer care ethos this is the Glasses Guru. You could just go to one of the high street chains that just does glasses but not for me I know where I will be going……highly recommended. A very happy customer.
I had been looking for a long time to find a company like Eyemasters as I was looking for glasses which express my personality and are not the usual stock frames from the high street. It didn't take me long to achieve my objective and with Richard's advice, found the perfect glasses for me. I would highly recommend his services and if nothing ventured, just spending time with Richard is a pleasure. Ask him about crop circles!
Excellent service. The quality and the workmanship in manufacturing the lenses is precise and my vision through them is second to none as previously with a well known high street opticians they could not correct the astigmatism in the lenses as prescribed! My wife and I have been with the Eyemasters for over five years and you are treated like friends and family and not just a number.
I would highly recommend Eyemasters! Richard is extremely knowledgeable and his service is fantastic. There is a wide variety of specialised frames to choose from and Riachrad's expertise will help you choose the right pair - I love mine!!
Richard is one of a kind! Excellent service and the best person to go to for lenses and frames that stand out from the rest without costing a fortune.
My experience at Eyemasters was excellent. Richard's selection of frames was very good and his knowledge and expertise were exceptional. I felt more comfortable with Richard than I have ever felt at any of the high street opticians. Highly recommended!
Just been away on holiday after picking up my new specs and sunglasses from Richard. The specs are great, super thin lenses, but the sunnies are something else. The reactiviness is brilliant.
Richard has helped me get out of my comfort zone by choosing slightly more adventurous frames as a I get older. These have sparked huge interest amongst my friends and colleagues. The service was excellent, quick and my frames and lenses are incredible.
I can't recommend Richard at Eyemasters highly enough. He has an extensive range of frames to suit everyone, most of which you won't find on the high street. With Richard's knowledge and expertise, he guides you through the process of finding the perfect frame and lenses to suit you and your needs. I am thrilled with the wonderful service I received and love my glasses, and I am often complimented on them. Thanks again Richard
Second pair of glasses that I have purchased from Richard, this time I went for the Infinite Gray lens which as prescription sunglasses have been a great choice, working well for both bright sun and shaded areas. As last time I found the advice and information given really good and honest.
I'm very happy I went with Eyemasters. Richard is truly an expert, a great range of unique frames and a personable service - a far better experience than going to your high street opticians!
I needed some cycling glasses with a new prescription. I was fed up with Vision Express and the like. Richard had been recommended to me by others, and I had noticed people wearing his funky and unusual glasses. I knew he was the guy to call! The glasses supplied were excellent. Stylish and functional. The service was brisk and efficient. Highly recommended!
Richard Smith of Eyemasters is a true expert in his field. I have been wearing glasses for 27 years since I was 5 years old and have never received the level of knowledge, understanding or consultation that was given by Richard. His expertise in advising me on the right style of frame and correct type of lenses for my own personal style, aesthetics, lifestyle and occupation resulted in a beautiful pair of glasses which I would have never chosen on my own. His range of frames personally sourced from different countries and Richard's own experience in the industy makes Eyemasters a unique and unrivalled experience for glasses andsunglasses wearers.
My world is in focus and I am no longer squinting. Just taken delivery of my new glasses from Richard at Eyemaster and I could not be happier. The best sunglasses I have ever owned, another pair of ordinary glasses for distance vision and a pair of reading glasses that brings into view, the print I have not been able to see clearly for far to long. If you use Richard, you will benefit from his years of expert knowledge and experience, enjoy a bespoke service, save money AND come away with glasses that you wont get on the high street. I cannot recommend Eyemaster highly enough, absolutly brilliant service. Brian Conheady
My new sunglasses have arrived just in time for me block out the yellow thing in the sky and protect my vision. Thank you Richard. If you need glasses, if you want something different, if you want a fair price, if you want a quality service by a knowledgeable by an experienced Master of Eyewear - go and see Richard at Eyemasters. Highly recommended.
I’ve never received such great service from an opticians before. Not only did Richard recommend what he thought would look great he spent over an hour and a half making sure I got the right one for me.
Excellent service.
Something you have to get used to when your spectacles are from Eyemasters: complete strangers come up to you and say “I love your glasses”. Nice problem to have ...
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