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Elaine IS Brilliant! She listens, asks more questions, makes notes and then gives brilliant advice totally centred around what your needs are. Techniques, tips and tailored advice to help you overcome your blockages, struggles and difficulties. I highly recommend Elaine who does what she says - builds confidence, and improves your performance. Thank you Elaine!
I recently completed a programme of consultations with Elaine, my initial curiosity at the start of the process gave way to a realisation that Elaine fulfils a much needed function - I can well understand that Small Business Owners, who often have 'nowhere to go' to be honest about their internal concerns would benefit hugely from Elaine's consultative programme. She is empathetic, knowledgeable and above all, she listens. The inevitable upshot will be an increased understanding of who you are in your working context, and an understanding of what you should consider practising regularly as part of your desire to change and improve. She will put your concerns into perspective and remove those clouds of uncertainty - it is said we all need a Mentor. Perhaps that's true, but we are all different with different abilities and different reflective skills. None of us have all the answers, Elaine will help you find those answers to questions you may not feel especially free to acknowledge to yourself. We can all do with 'a lift' on occasion, Elaine will do the heavy lifting!

Reply from Elaine - Building Confidence, Improving Performance:
Thank you for such a wonderful review Richard. I am truly grateful that you took the time to post it. It has been my absolute pleasure to work with you and I'm so glad you found our work together beneficial.
Whatever you need help with Elaine will help you get there. She is intuitive, sage and has a wonderful manner to assist you to get to your goal. I highly recommend Elaine's confidence building and performance enhancing magic.
Elaine 100% embodies all she offers others and so works from a place of true authenticity and deep inner knowledge. Elaine understands how to help people tap into their own true inner confidence , move on from all those negative thoughts and feelings that keep us stuck, and then supports people further in helping them to embody and express this inner confidence through performance coaching. Elaine takes time to truly understand her clients and her work ultimately enables them to go into the world with the confidence and style that illuminates who they really are and what they are about. If you want to improve your confidence and go into the world being heard and seen for the the professional individual that you are, then I recommend you work with Elaine as she will help you shine uniquely bright.
Elaine is an expert, you know you are in safe hands almost immediately. She is an empathetic and caring person and she takes you through the treatment in a careful way explaining as she goes along. I felt uplifted afterwards and felt that it really helped. I would definitely recommend her.

Reply from Elaine - Building Confidence, Improving Performance:
Thank you for your review Stoney. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Had another wonderful session with Elaine. Elaine's insight, understanding and experience make her the perfect person for me to work with on, what I think, is a very complex issue. I was taken through the process with care and compassion and felt safe and supported all the way through. I am amazed and a little mystified by how quickly and efficiently it all seems to work but trust Elaine and left session with a lighter heart and a lovely feeling of optimism

Reply from Elaine - Building Confidence, Improving Performance:
Thank you Nadine for your kind review. You came with an open mind and a desire to change - that is all you need. I love working with you and am so excited to see where we go together.
Elaine is the consummate listener - if your life is full of unanswered questions and uncertainties, she'll help you find a way through your concerns in a quiet and considered manner, instantly putting you, the individual, at ease in her consulting room. The 'patient confidence' factor here is important, you'll be able to discuss your situation in the knowledge that the conversation remains within her four walls, yet she operates outside the more formal medical constraints one normally finds in consultative arrangements that make one think 'all this is going on the record somewhere'. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who has unsolved uncertainties in their life, and who would like real answers to those concerns, to consult Elaine, you'll be pleased you did.
I'm currently seeing Elaine for help and advice with achieving a goal. Elaine is simply brilliant, really professional and explains everything along the way. Her insights are extremely helpful in assisting me on my way to envisioning success. Thank you Elaine!
Elaine is such a warm and friendly person she immediately made me feel at ease when I saw her for my first appointment. I didn't know what to expect but was delighted by the process and found it very quickly got to the core of my problem. Elaine's work is deep and very meaningful .....I can't say I really understand how it works but, the beauty is, I don't need to, I just know it does work. Elaine has a wealth of experience and knowledge of her subject and will help you work through whatever is holding you back .....freeing you to be the best you ever x
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