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Very enjoyable walk & made such a difference to myself, less stress & met some lovely people.

Reply from Calmer Self:
We always get a lovely group of people on our walks Margaret, so glad you could join us x
Always welcoming, everyone is looked after & all needs are catered for.
Good Social event. Really enjoyed it!
Beautiful walk in tune with nature. Peaceful & able to practice meditation with Nadine.
Wonderful escape from being busy - a bit of me time all helped by Nadine's meditation in Church in the Wood.
Beautiful mindful walk in the bluebell woods. Very calming, interesting and helpful, both mentally and physically. Thank you Nadine. Didn't know this existed, will definitely come again.
Thank you Nadine for a tough but great session this morning. We touched on some deep issues but I have come away feeling amazing as always. I know I don't always make the time to stop and take a breath but you are helping me to think more about this with every session we have. I am so grateful, thank you!

Reply from Calmer Self:
My absolute pleasure working with you x
Nadine helped me to feel very calm and relaxed. I was able to picture my goals through meditation. I will continue to use meditation to relax and de-stress.

Reply from Calmer Self:
Glad you joined us in the workshop Kayleigh and that you were able to visualise your goals. Keep enjoying your 'moments of calm' x
Nadine is herself, a Calmer Self. She brings assurance and healing to her work in abundance. I had been feeling out of sorts, not ill or depressed, just not myself. I knew that it was because I had been getting out of my comfort zone and making changes which were challenging and yet had taken their toll. Being a therapist myself means that I am often speaking with my clients and listening hard and I told Nadine that I just wanted to receive and not to have to talk about anything. I received Reiki from Nadine as soon as she put her hands near me. I felt immediately held and safe. During the session I had several moments of utter clarity and cleared a childhood memory, my interpretation of which was designed to protect me but in actuality was keeping me back. In that moment on Nadine's lovely warm treatment couch I felt held and safe enough to let it go and let in new supportive thoughts and beliefs. If you trust your own process and know that you will receive what you need, Nadine's beautiful, healing intention and energy will guide you through a lovely warm, restorative journey and lead you to a calmer place.

Reply from Calmer Self:
Thank you Elaine, what a beautiful explanation of a delightful session. I was honoured that you asked for my help and so pleased that you got such clarity and peace from our time together x
What a lovely relaxing experience. My first time of trying reiki and it was fantastic. I would highly recommend.

Reply from Calmer Self:
thanks for your kind words Caroline x
Nadine's reset your goals workshop allowed me to identify why i want to achieve my goals, this greatly empowered me. Thank you.

Reply from Calmer Self:
so glad you felt empowered by the workshop....great to have you in the group x
Nadine has a really calming voice and as soon as shes starts talking I tend to find myself becoming calmer!!

Reply from Calmer Self:
I'm really pleased you got to relax and find a calm place, Annette........keep topped up with the meditations I sent you x
I find it hard to stop and be calm, and organised. So to actually attend this session and mediate has been a challenge in itself. It has helped enormously!!

Reply from Calmer Self:
So glad you came along to the workshop and pleased it has helped you Julie x
Attended 'Resetting my goals' Fantastic!!

Reply from Calmer Self:
So glad you joined us for this workshop Marc. Your input was so valuable and insightful x
I floated home after a reiki session with the lovely Nadine. She made me feel relaxed from the start. Nadine exudes warmth and calmness. I cannot express how I good I felt during and after the treatment. Thank you so much Nadine and I will be back for more.

Reply from Calmer Self:
was a lovely session with you Emma........glad you floated off in your Reiki bubble x
Nadine has a naturally calm aurora and just being in her presence will instantly make you feel at ease. I have attended both meditation sessions and reiki with Nadine, both of which were hugely beneficial. I would happily and confidentially recommend Nadine / Calmer Self.

Reply from Calmer Self:
Thanks for your recommendation Angela. hope you're still fitting in some meditation time at home too x
Friendly, understanding and Nadine is always there to check up on you. The group work is informative and beneficial to my wellbeing, with tools to apply to when moments become overwhelming. The walks help with health and a great way to reduce stress and meet new people.

Reply from Calmer Self:
It's lovely when you and your daughter join us in the workshops and the walks...glad they are helping you both x
I have had a few therapy sessions with Nadine and every time afterwards I have felt like a weight has been lifted. From Reiki for an aching lower back or a top-to-toe inner calmness for the body, to having a meditation and specially blended essential oils made for me for sleeping better and the soothing of a bad cough and cold I’ve had recently. Nadine’s calming nature will have you relaxed within moments, and I can’t rate this lovely lady high enough… Calmer Self – Highly Recommended!!!

Reply from Calmer Self:
Such kind words, Theresa, thank you. Always a delight to work with you x
I have had the pleasure of knowing Nadine through her group work and private Reiki sessions, she is very conscientious and supportive of all her clients, adapting her delivery to meet the needs of the group. The Reiki sessions have been amazing! Feeling safe and comfortable, Nadine guided me though a wonderful healing process, helped me to create my 'safe space' and had me coming back for more... highly recommended.

Reply from Calmer Self:
So pleased to have done the workshops with you Kelly and the reiki sessions were a delight to do x
You only need to be in Nadine's presence to instantly feel better . I have attended Nadine's relaxation classes and come out floating, refreshed and 'topped up'. Nadine is caring, warm and holds the space so you can really deeply relax, unwind, recharge and rejuvenate. Her work is essential for all of us. Thank you Nadine for the calm and love you are spreading in the world. We need you x

Reply from Calmer Self:
Such beautiful words Helen, so moving. Love it when you are with us. Your energy, passion and joy is inspirational to us all x
I have experienced and also witnessed first hand Nadine's amazing skills in giving her clients the gift of deep relaxation, enabling them to be calmer versions of themselves! I also know she is a fabulous business woman who ensures she reaches all those who need her valuable services through a variety of means - running free workshops both for the public and employees, retreats and longer courses of treatment. Nadine is a wonderful lady and has worked so hard to overcome nerves and a lack of confidence - thank goodness because her skills are greatly needed by so many.

Reply from Calmer Self:
Thanks for your kind words Liz and for your help and support......couldn't have done it without you x
I met Nadine at one of the mindfulness walks in Alexandra Park last summer and I've been interested in her workshops and treatments ever since. Her sessions are always so welcoming and calming, like a llittle sanctuary.

Reply from Calmer Self:
So glad you joined us for our Mindfulness Walks. I know you were nervous to begin with. Looking forward to working with you in 2019 and helping you find your very own 'inner sanctuary' x
Nadine is a very caring lady with a calming nature. Anytime spent with her makes you feel better. I love her oil blends - exam stress blend helped my Son and his girlfriend through the GCSE’s. Our holiday in Turkey was bite free thanks to the insect repellent blend - it smells amazing and relaxing as well as stop the bugs! PMT and peri menopausal blends are great too giving a feeling of wellbeing. Thank you Nadine

Reply from Calmer Self:
Thanks for your feedback on the blends of essential oils and for your kind words. Glad the rollerballs have helped you and your family so much x
As a parent of a former Ark Helenswood girl I would highly recommend Calmer Self to anyone who suffers with stress. My daughter has severe anxiety and struggled with the pressure of school and upcoming GCSES. She attended the workshops run by Nadine at school and really benefitted from the sessions. Without this she would certainly not have done as well as she did in her GCSES.

Reply from Calmer Self:
I'm so glad the workshops at Helenswood helped your daughter so much Dawn. So pleased I was asked to help the girls x
Nadine has really helped me to relax and to focus on what I want to do, however, large or small. Since my mother died I had almost stopped living and Nadine helped me to open up and see life in a positive way again. She gives a hundred percent and goes out of her way to support you. She also gives amazing reiki and I often feel like I am floating away! She is amazing.

Reply from Calmer Self:
Bless you Jessica. Working with you is an absolute joy. You give 100% too which is why the reiki and my suggestions to you are working so well for you x
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