What the next 25 years will hold - great piece from the Guardian
4th January 2011
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Just a quick one to link you to this article from the Guardian yesterday that I found fascinating.

Good "start of the year stuff" with a lot of clever folk asked to offer forecasts on what will happen over the next 25 years.  Daunting task but none of them seem very daunted. 

Amongst the thoughts, as they put it "From the web to wildlife, the economy to nanotechnology, politics to sport, the Observer's team of experts prophesy how the world will change – for good or bad – in the next quarter of a century"

It's a great little trip through all kinds of ideas about the end of the American dominated world, the possibilities of new science, developments in medicine, threats to energy stability and so on.

It also made me laugh as the advertising commentator they invited in, a very well respected figure in the industry, seemed to get the wrong idea for the article and offers an unusually light-weight piece - have a read through and maybe you'll see the same thing  - that it sticks out like the mutts nuts from the other articles about String Theory and Sino-US conflict.  

(It reminded me of the story from the last century when the Washington Post did a ring-around the local diplomatic community asking what the Ambassadors wanted for Christmas. The French Ambassador hoped for World Peace, the Russian Ambassador hoped for an end to Poverty and Famine and the British Ambassador was hoping for some new slippers and a pipe.)

Anyway, have a read if you get a moment, some thought provoking stuff in there by (nearly) all of the contributors.


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