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8th December 2010
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According to the experts, this weekend is the heaviest one for the Christmas tree trade.  A slightly unbelievable six million of us will go out to make one of the nicer routine purchases of the season.

Bringing a lovely fresh tree in to the house and decorating it as a family occasion is such a treat and so much better than the Haze and Glade pine freshness that we put up with for the rest of the year.

Here's interesting - the average height of the British tree is a bit like the 1.9 kids of the nuclear family age - apparently it's 4ft, 7inches (I stress this is for real trees  - the artificial ones bring the side down a bit to nearer to 3 feet apparently).

As lovely as getting the tree from the shop, bundling it on to the back seat or poking through the sun roof is.... As much fun as strapping it to a roof without a rack can be - damaging the car on the way home and risking the attention of Road Wars influenced coppers  - we think you might fancy another way.

Our client Shoots and Leaves can deliver trees to your home anywhere in West London.  AND here's the best bit - then they install it for you wherever you want it set up.  Only then will they charge you money - only when you are completely happy (that's the 'tree reasons' from the title in case you were wondering!).

Hew Stevenson and his expert team have beautiful trees - expertly pruned through their lives so they have the perfect shape and yet costing just the same as the rather inferior ones you get from the Christmas tree pop-ups.  Shoots and Leaves have been delivering trees for eleven years and know exactly how to make the process perfect.

Have a look at them here and remember - if you're a member of thebestof you can get the installation for free - worth a tenner which is worth a lot at this time of the year.

So there - a lovely tree with no hassle so you can put all of your energy into covering it with decorations and putting presses underneath it.

Christmas bliss from thebestof and Shoots and Leaves.


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