Three new year's resolutions and a party
28th December 2011
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We thought we'd pitch in with some end of the year ideas if you're feeling a bit guilty about yourself or if you're hoping to feel a bit more guilty.  Here goes.


Guaranteed to drop a clothes size or your money back - how's that for a promise?


Trilogy Bootcamp operate all over West London but particularly in Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith, W6.  Trilogy offer two great benefits.  It's enjoyable and it works.  We made short video about them recently and interviewed some of their clients (we like to check we're representing the best) and you can see the results here.  I've worked with all kinds of health and fitness brands over the years including those very shouty (ex) military people and I can happily tell you Trilogy and their founder Ben Plenge absolutely 'gets it' when it comes to the right blend of effort and fun.  Ben will advise any client on the Trilogy of Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutrition and guarantees that you'll drop at least one clothes size in 28 days - or your money back.  Quite a claim and one all of his customers were happy to say is for real.


A diet prepared with you in mind?


Jane Plan is a diet delivery service based in Fulham but able to service any client in the UK.  Expert nutritionist Jane Michell will tailor the diet to your particular circumstances  - how you live, the exercise you're able to take, the pressures that work or family may place upon you.  The diet arrives and Jane will help you though the whole process - you can call her at any time (and she'll call you) to check that it's all working for you.  The results can be seen here - twenty six incredibly positive testimonial reviews from her clients - and on your waistline in a matter of weeks.  If you're thinking of a New Year diet we can't recommend Jane Plan more highly as the perfect way to achieve what you want and enjoy the process.  There's another of videos here featuring Jane talking about her diets so you can get to know here a bit.


When did you last see your optician?


Maybe it doesn't sound like a regular resolution but stay with me on this one.  Opticians check far more than just eyesight when they give you a check up and you should have your eye's checked regularly - around once a year.  It's all bit personal for me this year as my Mum has just has a series of operations which have all gone well  - the whole process started with her making a trip to the optician because she had little blurry bits to her sight.  Thankfully a great optician spotted the real problem (diabetes) and she was able to get things under control at an early stage.   Opticians can diagnose eye diseases, glaucoma and as in my Mum's case, the early signs of diabetes and that's on top of being able to monitor your eyesight and help your vision.  I'm happy to say we represent the best optician in London.  Just for effect, i'll say that again.  The best optician in London is on King Street, Hammersmith.  Best service, nicest people, best eyewear.  You really have to go because words alone wont persuade you.  Maybe video might - here's the owner Nigel talking about the business.  the i-site Hammersmith is where yo have to go if one of your resolution is to look after your eye's in 2012.


And finally - enough of all this resolution stuff - let's have a party!


Well, ok then, one last blast before back to serious work.  The best party in west London will be at Beaufort House Chelsea on New Years Eve.  Free cocktails until 10, great menu if you want it and a glamourous Hollywood theme.  You can go ONLY if you promise to do one of 1-3 above the day after!  booking is essential - you can reserve your places here.


That's enough from me for now, have a great new year and - if your planning any self improvements in January make them enjoyable ones.


Happy New Year





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