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20th July 2011
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Thanks to David for inviting me to do a guest post on Best of Hammersmith & Fulham.
I’ve lived in Shepherd’s Bush for over four years and though it may not have been true love at first sight, it was definitely head over heels intrigue and curiosity from the outset.  Love then quickly followed.  I have been writing about my love of Shepherd's Bush in my blog, Bird in the Bush, for nearly two years and I am still finding new reasons to be cheerful living in the Bush.
In my blog I often describe Shepherd’s Bush as a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds and though my social and work life has taken me to virtually all corners of London, I maintain that there are only a handful of other parts of this mammoth city of ours, which feature as much cultural diversity and, generally speaking, as much cultural cohesion.  They say that the way to a man’s heart is via his stomach, well the way to best describe the rich mix of cultures on offer in Shepherd's Bush is by speaking to your stomachs so I have put together an overview of the best varied cuisine on offer on Uxbridge Road, Goldhawk Road and other roads in W12.
I think my favourite Shepherd’s Bush restaurant is Patio, a long-standing Polish restaurant on Goldhawk Road, which arrived in the Bush long before the more recent arrival of a vibrant Polish community.  It’s my favourite because it is so different from all the other restaurants in Shepherd's Bush and as you may or may not have worked out by now, we like "different" things in the Bush.  The traditional Polish cuisine served in this plush homely environment makes you feel like you are in Mother Poland's front room.  Yes, the food is stodgy, yes a lot of it is fried in gallons of duck fat, but it is absolutely worth the attack on your arteries.  Go.  Now.
Another food favourite of mine in Shepherd’s Bush is King Solomans. Another old timer of the Bush, they’ve been cooking fresh falafel and other north African favourites since the late 1970s and will serve you the healthiest kebab you are likely to find on Unxbridge Road.  There is fierce falafel competition in W12 with BBC favourite Mr Falafel (also delicious) keeping Shepherd's Bush market customers happy. Both are highly recommended by all Bush locals though King Solomans has the edge for me (they prepare their falafel fresh and in front of you) but expect queues on days when QPR are playing (now in the Premier League!) at home.
Other highlights on Uxbridge Road include Esarn Kheaw (yet again another long established restaurant), which creates delicious and very authentic (i.e. hot!) Thai dishes served by the sweetest bow-tie wearing gentlemen waiters.
Going even further east in terms of cuisine but further west in terms of location, my other food recommendation for W12 is Japanese restaurant Sagano on Askew Road.  I am a relatively new covert to sushi (an irrational fear of rice as a child didn’t help) but Sagano serves some of the best sushi you are likely to taste in London and possibly beyond.  I can personally recommend their crunchy tuna roll.  Though they have only a small dining area, Sagano are hugely popular with Askew Road dwellers and do a regular roaring trade in delivery and take-away.
Because I always like to end on a high, the creme de la creme of Shepherd’s Bush culinary offerings has to be Princess Victoria on Uxbridge Road. Regularly listed in top ten London pubs this former Victorian gin palace has all the ingredients to make a perfect Sunday lunch.  Despite a bustlingly busy dining room every Sunday the quality of their roast dinners is consistently exceptional, as is the wine list which is vast (an A4 binder no less). This is where you take your parents, your new boyfriend or maybe even your new boyfriend’s parents for Sunday lunch and delicious desert with a side of maximum brownie points.
I hope I’ve left you both hungry and satisfied with some old and new ideas for where to eat in Shepherd’s Bush.

(Editors Note  - i.e. from Woody.  I had lunch at Sagano with our favourite local Estate Agent – Oliver Thomas  of Northfields on  Tuesday and exactly as Bush Birdie says – it was superb and extremely reasonable.  I strongly recommend it and then again – I’d ask you also to try Suzu on Hammersmith Road which is another exceptional and extremely reasonable Japanese resto.  We are soooo blessed!)


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