Special Community Meeting (Tonight at 6:45)
11th August 2011
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6.45pm, 11th August, 2011, St Pauls Church Hammersmith.


URGENT! Another message from the Met Police, concerning a meeting TONIGHT at St Pauls Church.. All that can, should attend this meeting!!


West London CITIZENS is strongly supporting the following meeting. Please try to come as we are going to be talking about CitySafe, a successful initiative that started in South London CITIZENS three years ago, which seeks to protect our young people and prevent them from joining gangs.

Tonight at 6:45pm, St Pauls Hammersmith will be the venue for a special community meeting to be addressed by the Borough Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Lucy D’Orsi. The meeting has been called by the Independent Advisory Group (community leaders who meet with the Borough Commander in an advisory capacity), the Metropolitan Police and the Local Authority.

We are calling all members of our community to a special community meeting. Although last night was quieter there remains significant tension and real fear on our streets. There will be an opportunity to hear about what is actually going on in our borough (including the near misses which never reach the media), police strategy and the hopes for the immediate future. It will also be an opportunity to register disapproval of the rioting and to begin to reflect on causes and what the community’s response should be.

Representatives of many community groups will be present as well as representatives from the local authority. We are encouraging all local residents to attend.

"We are all asked to do our best to mobilise our respective communities. I know this will be difficult in August but these are serious times. We are acting as a venue for the meeting but those calling the meeting sense that whatever the underlying causes of the riots, there is a real desire to say a loud ‘no’ to the rioting and to work towards some constructive proposals."

It is estimated that the meeting will last no longer than 90 minutes.
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