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24th September 2011
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Is A Blog Good For Business?

Have you been told that having a company blog is good for business? Wondering what all the hype is about? What a blog can do for you:

•Grow your business network
•Generate trust with existing and prospective clients
•Build credibility in your field
•Increase your online visibility
The Basics Of Blogging

1. Consistent Style and Tone:
Your blog can’t appeal to everyone. Are readers tuning in because your content is light and funny, or because it’s informative and up-to-date? Think about who your target audience is and write only for them. Blogs act as a window into your company culture. Let your readers get to know you. Be personable and consistent.

2. Diverse Content:
Being consistent doesn’t mean dull. Expand your readership by offering a balanced mix of content. Decide on the topics you’d like to cover and then plan a schedule around them. Example: Monday - news story; Wednesday – an interview; Friday – something quirky or fun.

3. Shareable Content:
To enhance your blog’s visibility and build your network, make your blog easy to share. Social media platforms make spreading content simple. Be sure to link all of your posts on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Measurable Results:
Set up analytics on your blog so that you can learn more about your readers and their interests. How many visitors per day? Where did they come from? Which posts did they read? That way you can respond to their needs and create a demand for your products and services.

To find out more on how a blog can help grow your business watch our presentation here. 

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