Proper practical digital marketing advice for small businesses
19th September 2011
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Proper Practical help for small businesses.

Continuing the series of Proper Practical help for small businesses, I’m delighted to say we have a new client  - the web specialist Adaptive Consultancy of Fulham.

They are a great asset to thebestof because they are very very generous!  - in particular with their knowledge base. Adaptive have started creating videos which explore the kind of areas  - particularly in e-commerce, search optimisation and social media we all know we need to know more about and in my opinion do it really well.

We’re featuring these videos on our websites So if you want to know first of these on our sites. 

So if you want to know how to optimise your Website for Search Engines then follow this link to the Adaptive Consultancy feature on thebestof Hammersmith and Fulham.   It’s a topic I get asked about all the time and Adaptive took 11 minutes to get me from “not really my area but we have specialists” to “actually, it’s really interesting..”

If you’d rather know about how to improve your rankings with link building -  then follow this link then it will take you to Adaptive section thebestof Kensington and Chelsea.  It’s another area most people find difficult and where people bluff knowing about but actually don’t really have a clue?

I’m not going to go on (in fact you’ve probably followed the links already and are enjoying a cuppa/glass of wine whilst you take in what Adaptive have to say).

Adaptive will do more of these and we will help promote them – feedback so far has been great.  Please let us know if they have been helpful and also what topics you’d like covered and we’ll see what can be done.  I’m having chats with them about how we can jazz them up a bit but the really important thing for now is the content (secretly they’re worried that they are being too open and giving away too much – I keep telling them it doesn’t matter what they put out there, they’ll always know more than the vast majority of people and by sharing they will win a great many friends)

If you have been, thanks for reading and if you like what you see, please encourage Adaptive on.

Best. woody

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