Local people getting together make a difference -yet more proof
3rd November 2010
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Community action, Big Society, taking responsibility to make a change.  I wonder if this is becoming a theme for us?  First it was the Askew Business Group forming together to improve their businesses and the local economy. Now it's the Wormholt Park Community Association - a fantastic new action group determined to make a difference in their own part of Hammersmith and Fulham. 

Wormholt Park, for those who don't know, is a welcome bit of green between Sawley and Bryony Roads.  The parents involved in the new community group believe it's a vital breath of fresh air for their kids and it doesn't receive its fair share of funding to make much needed improvements.

And this is the good bit - the bit that should give anyone thinking about doing the same thing some real encouragement.  

Led by local entrepreneur and parent Penny Nagle, the group only met for the first time in September.  But in that short time they've been recognised by the council and they've attracted enough local support to really cause a stir.  Next Monday, a senior council official has agreed to meet the group at the playground in the park to have a proper and literally open discussion.  

It's an amazing story of going from 0-60 in no time at all for a really important local issue and another great example of why it's worth having a go.

If you live locally and you agree with their cause, give them a boost and get involved - it's amazing what we can all do when we work together.



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