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23rd March 2011
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All kinds of meetings today so in bit of a rush but wanted to pass on this useful crime briefing note from the council.  It follows the crime seminar they did at Stamford bridge a couple of weekends ago and the appointment of our very impressive sounding new local top copper Lucy d'Orsi.


Anyway, it speaks for itself as a newsletter with lots of links so have a look through if it's of interest and pass it around.  One thing is clear to me, that the council and the Met are sincere in both their determination to reduce crime and their desire to involve local people in the process of developing better solutions - and if i'm right in that then they deserve our support.


It's interesting that when I posted a link to the government local crime stats website when it first went up (the one that then crashed and became a new whipping boy for the Daily Mail for a while) we had over 2,600 hits in one day through this blog alone - interest, concern, anxiety, determination all seem to be high - so the crims had better look out for you lot!

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