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31st May 2011
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Yes, the count down to summer is really here. No point being in denial, in just a few weeks you'll be hitting the beach or at the very least, attending a summer party -  ladies, it's time to take off the cardie.

So, if you're dreading baring the tops of your arms, worried about winter legs or not quite feeling beach body beautiful, don't delay, sign up to JanePlan.   And if you want to stay in touch and read about what we're up to, visit our  Facebook page and click like. Everyone who likes us on Facebook in June will be entered into  our'Ban the Burkini' prize draw to win a £50  Selfridges Voucher. 

This month we are all very excited about Race For Life. We are working with Funny Women star, Suzy Bennett, who is launching Race For Life across the UK. JanePlan are helping her get slimmer and fitter.
We also have a delicious grilled goats cheese recipe for you, Jane's Healthy Hint, a fabulous fit tip and special offer from Fran Sirl Fitness. Enjoy!

The Jane PlanTeam
Start the day with a high protein breakfast

Research suggests that high protein food cuts hunger pangs. Real Greek yoghurt (not Greek style) is higher in protein than normal yoghurt. Try mixing fat free Total Greek yoghurt (a personal favourite) with 40g of muesli and berries.
The soluble fibre in the muesli and fruit adds to a feeling of fullness and should keep you going until lunchtime

Exercise Smarter - spend less time, get quicker results
Fran recommends 12-15 minutes a day…zero cost…no running required! Try performing as many of the following sequences of exercise in 12-15 minutes, without any rest between each:
10 x Alternate Lunges
 5 x Push Ups
 10 x Squats
 5 x Standing Rows (no weights at home? Try putting an equal amount of full water bottles in two bags with handles).
A stronger, more toned body looks great on the beach and also burns more calories per hour (even when you’re sleeping!)

Fran Sirl already has many clients successfully combining his fun training sessions and JanePlan. He’s offering JanePlan readers 50% OFF an initial 90 minute Personal Training Consultation (standard price is £110) until June 30th 2011.
To discover just how fabulous you can look and how fun getting active can be, visit Fran Sirl Fitness.


Inkster Tea
It's very well documented that Green Tea has certain properties that are thought to help weight loss. However, at JanePlan, we also love the less well known Oolong Tea. This beautiful tea is believed to improve your metabolic rate and lower your body fat content. Rachel Inkster at Inkster tea  travels all over the world sourcing the very finest teas, her Oolong Tea comes from Zhejiang in China.
We have been sampling Inkster Teas and love their delicate flavours and fragrance. Try Rachel's Oolong Tea - Tie Guan Yin, or her White Peony from Fujian. 

Grilled summer vegetables with goats cheese salad-  serves 4 as a main course
250g broad beans
1 large red onion, halved and thinly sliced
150 g of baby mushrooms
250g of baby courgettes, halved lengthways
A bunch of baby asparagus spears
Olive oil
120ml of fat free creme fraiche
Small bunch of dill, roughly chopped
Grated zest of 2 lemons and juice of 1
Salt and black pepper
150g of goats cheese

Blanch the broad beans and asparagus  in boiling water for 3 minutes and drain
Gently fry the onion, mushrooms and courgettes in a little olive oil for 8 - 10 minutes
Add the beans, asparagus, creme fraiche, half the dill, lemon zest and juice and stir - cooking for 2 more minures
Season and sprinkle remaining dill on top
Lightly grease a heatproof dish and spoon in the mixture
Heat the grill. Cut the goats cheese into 1 cm slices, place on top of the vegetables and pop under the grill until the cheese is melting and beginning to brown.
Serve in the midle of the table for everyone to help themselves and add a simple green salad. (You can add some focaccia too - if you're not counting the calories!)

* Fran Sirl Fitness Offer is available to readers in the Wimbledon and Richmond area of South West London. If you live outside these areas, the JanePlan team are delighted to offer one to one advice on working out or put you in touch with a trainer in your area.

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