Is your business ready for the Bribery Act and the changes it will enforce?
11th April 2011
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We have so many really good companies in H&F doing really important work.  One is "Win That Bid"  - a great firm specialising in helping businesses of any size through the hurdles of tenders and applications and RFP's. The team there are extremely experienced and know their way around all of the TLA's (Three letter acronyms) of big company tendering processes, the legals, the formats, the deadlines  - in short the craft and the art of winning bids.

I mention this now because they are a client of ours (although i can always hope...) but rather because they are on the case with a very important piece of legislation that is lumbering into all of our business lives very soon.  Whilst a lot of the tabloid hysteria suggesting that getting a client a cup of coffee would put you in jail, it nevertheless is a very important bit f law to know. Most big businesses are handing out advice to staff but what about smaller firms - how will they know how to avoid problems?

Well, one way is to get involved with Win That Bids telecast later this week.  For a free hour or so you can listen to a top lawyer and ask questions.  Seemed like a great deal so i thought we'd promote it.

Here's the idea in their own words:

Is your business ready for the Bribery Act and the changes it will enforce?
There has been much talk about the impending Bribery Act 2010 and after a few delays, finally they are getting ready to announce it in July 2011.  Since the end of 2010, we have noticed that an increasing amount of tender documentation requires a comprehensive explanation of your company's anti-bribery and anti- corruption procedures.   
We have put pen to paper and created a guideline to explain how to approach these changes.  Read our blog here.  
Free Q & A session with a leading compliance expert... 
If you are flummoxed with your obligations under this new act then why not dial into our free Q & A session on Wednesday 13th April at 12:30 GMT.  Follow this link to send us your questions and we can send you the dial in details. 
If you are having difficulties with any aspect of your bids and tenders, Win That Bid is simply a call away on 0203 405 1850.
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