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7th October 2010
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Halloween is such a strange festival.  There seem to be more explanations for its roots than there are apples in the barrel or sweets in the treat-jar next to the door (next to the loaded water pistol, in case things get ugly).

One common misconception is that the event is “American” (not normally said in a positive hands-across-the –atlantic sort of way).  Whilst the Americans have done much to popularise and commercialise 31/10 it wasn’t their idea in the first place.  Here’s a link to wiki for those wanting to brush up before the big day.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloweenhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween

So what’s on this Halloween in the area?
First of all for kids and a Brackenbury local favorite; Gina’s cakes and their hugely popular Halloween Party.  Please note that this year it’s on Saturday the 30th.  Here’s her note to Thebestof:

Hi David
Thanks for your email.
Yes we are definitely doing Halloween again this year, we are going to hold it on Saturday 30th October rather than on the Sunday.
I've been getting feed back from the residents and Saturday suits everybody better.
We are having face painting, lucky dip, apple bobbing, tombola and various games/raffles and all the proceeds will go to my chosen charity Age UK
See you there and don't forget your costume

How about making some punch?
The kids will think you’re very cool if you produce some of this perhaps? (With thanks to thebestofwalsall)
Halloween Punch Recipe:  Try this recipe for a terrifyingly tasty Halloween Punch at your party
Vampire’s bloody brew recipe
1 litre cranberry juice
1 litre lemonade
Frozen strawberries 
Grenadine or Strawberry flavoured syrup
Place strawberries in punch bowl (or try a black witch’s cauldron for a more spooky effect!). Add cranberry juice. Stir. Pour in the lemonade. Pour in grenadine/ strawberry syrup. Do not stir to give a blood like effect.


The Lyric are performing The Very Noisy Night which they tell me will be delightful for the little ‘uns.
This is their synopsis:
Little Mouse can't sleep, for there is something huffing and puffing outside, tap-tapping on the window, and drip-dripping nearby. Little Mouse would feel a lot safer if he could come into Big Mouse's bed. But Big Mouse does not want to share his bed and is determined that Little Mouse should sleep alone! So, amidst the huffing and puffing, taptapping and drip-dripping, sits a scared little mouse. Will he stay awake all night, or will Big Mouse finally come to the rescue?

Meantime, here’s a list of stuff from around town (I’m not by the way endorsing any of this, just making sure you know it’s happening)
First up is http://www.londonparanormal.com/lgf.htm  who seem to have a whole load of events and disturbing stuff going on as part of the London Ghost Festival.  Lots of walks and things for kids and a very full programme.
The rather brilliant W4 Art club have some interesting stuff going on for the half term including 
Fancy dress can become a challenge at this time of year (we’ve just been invited to a rather brilliant “Come in a costume you know you’ll regret” themed party which I thought was inspired).  For a bit of help you can always try Angels – the real shop on Shaftesbury Avenue is of course a London landmark but try to the website for a goldmine of ideas 
Right then – got your fancy dress?  Brilliant because this year sees a return of the Singalonga Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Prince Charles just off Leicester Square.    18+ and as camp as a row of chiffon tents but fantastic fun at £14.50 a ticket.
The Clapham Cinema and the Gate at Notting Hill all have special programmes of bloodthirsty stuff - see their websites for details and then there’s the Hammer Horror Festiva put together by an enterprising PR agency and showing around town 

An altogether different and All Day event for the 31st from the ICA (although held at the English Folk Dance and Song Society on Regents Park Road) Not an event I know anything about so this is taken straight from their website. “An all-day-and-night psychedelic Halloween experience taking in live music from magical folk things (and favourites of Jack White), the Smoke Fairies, as well as medieval rockers Circulus. Spooky side shows include bingo, crafty fun, apple bobbing, fortune telling and a very special sunset procession from Primrose Hill to Cecil Sharp House led by award-winning artist, Matthew Cowan. Mary Epworth and Jubilee Band, Hidden Masters and Tut Vu Vu among others are appearing live too while members of Heavenly Jukebox, Django Django and The Horrors take on DJ duties”


If you want to spend serious money then the big tourist attractions always have something to scare you witless and empty your wallet.  The London Bridge Experience offer a Phobophobia Halloween Show from Friday the 29th to Sunday 31st. 
Something a bit closer to home?

Well the Apollo are presenting Avenged Sevenfold and Stonesour in a headbangers night of music meets horror.

The Riverside seem to be doing a BBC2 during the world cup thing by ignoring Halloween altogether and showing some lovely art films (and the usual Saturday morning Pole Dancing classes are still happening).

If you’re feeling brave then Cineworld on King Street are running the new “Saw V” – have fun and watch the trailer here

In a piece of cinema one-upmanship Vue at Fulham Broadway will be running Saw VII – and just to make it exciting – that’s the 3d version.  And finally, in a probably deliberate move Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows doesn’t release until the 19th of November – just to keep the spirit of the whole thing going until Christmas.

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