Free advice from a lawyer? Parfitt Cresswell of Fulham want to help
13th March 2011
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We're lucky to have so many helpful businesses in the borough and I never fail to be impressed by the number of firms who love trading with local people and doing their bit to help which is what has prompted this blog.

Parfitt Cresswell - a great local law firm based at Fulham Broadway  - publish a really helpful e-newsletter every month.  I've read similar pieces for years now and very often they suffer from being lawyer talking to lawyer but the Parfitt Cresswell one is different.  They cover relevant stories and they do it with great clarity.  It is exactly what you want from that kind of service - brief, comprehensive, clearly written.

Here are the title headings from the March newsletter to give you a flavour:


Government to amend draft regulations for removal of default retirement age
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has confirmed that it is amending details on age limits in the draft Regulations for the removal of the default retirement age.

Construction site visits
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are advising that they are currently carrying out a series of inspection visits of construction sites.

Sheila's wheels hit brucey buffer. The European Court of Justice has said that insurance companies will no longer be able to discriminate on the grounds of sex from 21 December 2012.

Mediation for all divorcing couples
All divorcing couples will have to attend mediation awareness sessions, not just those on legal aid, justice minister Jonathan Djanogly has announced.

OFT to respond super-complaint on credit brokerage and debt services
The OFT has today received a super-complaint from Citizens Advice relating to marketing and charging practices which Citizens Advice suggests may be used by businesses offering credit brokerage and debt services.

House price watch
Your home may well be one of your major assets. Even if you are not planning on moving in the near future, it is always a good idea to keep abreast of the latest changes in the housing market

Office workers told to get on their bike
Workplaces should consider introducing portable pedal machines in an effort to counter the harmful effects of sedentary jobs, a study has suggested.

If you visit Parfitt Cresswells website you can subscribe - have a go and see what you think.

Also, if you own a business in the area and you're concerned about any aspect of law you can call Parfitt Cresswell (mentioning thebestof) and get up to 30 minutes free to talk about whatever is keeping you up at night. It might be your customer contracts, employment practices, website T&C's or even your health and safety policy being up to date an in line with current regulations.  Give them a call and they will give you some topline advice so you can form a plan.


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