"Everybody lives by selling something" - sell yourself on video
23rd September 2010
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"Everybody lives by selling something," wrote Robert Louis Stevenson and one suggestion is that you can sell always 'sell' yourself better to customers

If you lift the curtain on your business, people will like you more.  If you invite them in, enable them to write you e mails directly, respond to their comments then (all other things being equal) they'll become part of your business.  

And show images of the people in your business and you'll have even more success. "People buy people".  If customers already have a sense of the spirit of your business and its values before they even pick up the phone, then the sale is underway.

You can build trust, you can create affinity or liking.  Most of all you can gain more customers.  

Make a video about your business to show people who you are and what you do.  Do it well and everyone is happy - customers feel like they're taking less of a risk and you convert more customers because you have better leads.

I'm conscious that I sound a bit preachy  (but it's only because I'm passionate about the subject).  A better way of making the point about why you should use every tool at your disposal to make yourself different and better is brilliantly expressed in this beautifully simple TV ad from our friends at Thinkbox and the agency Red Brick Road.

Enjoy.      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7NmOa9q5Xs

And if you don't believe me - how about this. The commercial was launched on the 10th of September and has so far had over 500,000 online views.  We can't all afford those production values and might not have quite such a good idea but, I believe, the point still stands.



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