Come and make digital history and do something about school bullies as well!
15th September 2010
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Here's one for all parents with a worry about bullying and at the same time a really clever new use of the web.

Beatbullying is a very good pressure group whose name probably gives you a clue about what they do. 

They've organised a virtual march which looks really clever to me.  Once you've signed up, created your avatar and organised your placard ( all in a very user-friendly website) then you can 'march' with everyone across loads of famous websites, Google, Facebook (and I'm hoping thebestof) and end up by handing in a petition at Number 10!

You can take part in digital history, add your voice to people facing up to bullying and all without leaving your keyboard!

If you like it, pass it on.

(credit to M&C Saatchi for another brilliant bit orf work)

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