Alexander Armstrong wants you to drink proper tea - help him de-bagging Britain
17th December 2010
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How about some real tea for Christmas?

A good friend of thebestof is Henrietta Lovell - she owns The Rare Tea Company (based just over the border in Camden).  She's built the business up over four years to become a substantial firm with a significant web business as well as being listed in most of London's smartest restaurants and hotels and Sainsbury's, Ocado and Waitrose.

Her tea is real tea - made from leaves that haven't been hacked to death and put in a paper bag.  Her company mission is to de-bag Britain.

During the summer, she was invited by the MOD to join the Battle of Britain anniversary and produce RAF Tea - a wonderful black tea sourced in Malawi. It's delicious and caramelly and created to be like the tea the Battle of Britain pilots preferred. (It was tried out on quite a few veterans so she knows she got it right!).  As a way of supporting those heroes,  for every tin that's sold, 10% of the money goes to the RAF Association and Museum.

Why am I telling you all of this?  BECAUSE it's the perfect Christmas gift.  Say for example you're going to your parents for Christmas, you'll have bought them a big present perhaps but what about house gifts?  This is perfect for all of those little visits you make over Christmas to catch up with family and friends.  

Can I make a suggestion for this Christmas?  Go to Sainsbury's right now (go on, it's stopped snowing) and buy some RAF tea.  Get four caddies.  Three for people who deserve a very special thank you and one to keep for yourself.  I absolutely promise you that you wont regret it.  I even promise that one day you will thank me.

And what's the other big news?  Well Henrietta is amazingly persuasive and she's managed to get Alexander Armstrong to appear in three short films to promote the tea.  You can see all three very funny films here.

Henrietta's tea for heroes taste's delicious - like no tea most people have ever had before and it benefits some people who deserve our appreciation.

Give it go and please let me know what you think.



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