A Clean Bill of Mouth Health
2nd December 2011
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Hammersmith & Fulham members will take care of you, from top to toe.  Starting from the top, here we’re focusing on Mouth Cancer: on the increase in the UK partly fuelled by our bad habits like heavy drinking and smoking.  It's a particularly nasty cancer (of course, none of them are good but some can be worse) but it can sometimes be diagnosed early on.  Dentists are experts in looking for the early signs and can suggest a more thorough investigation if they see worrying signs.

Why not get yourself investigated, while you shop.  Salisbury House Dental is Hammersmith's most popular dental practice and, in partnership with Healthy Planet, Dr Ian Greenwood has agreed to offer simple and quick examinations on Saturday 2 December.  It's a great, no fuss, way of just checking if your lifestyle is having adverse side effects and it’s completely free. 

Visit their stall at the W12 Shopping Centre, next to the Young Enterprise Trade Fair (outside Morrison’s) on Saturday, and hopefully put a tick on your health checklist.


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