3 in 1 Christmas Gift gives pleasure to receiver and your local school and the Planet!
15th December 2010
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I'll admit this is a bit last minute but one of our Charity clients in Hammersmith has invented a brilliant idea.


Healthy Planet is a registered charity based in Hammersmith and they have come up with the idea of a 3 in 1 Christmas present.


If a parent uses Healthy Planet to give a gift to a loved one this Christmas, there are three beneficiaries  - the person who gets the gift, the projects the charity works with and your school!


Here's how it works.


The buyer purchases a virtual piece of land in one of their projects  from the Healthy Planet website and gives it to a friend/loved one for the Christmas.  The recipient can personalise their land on the website and will also receive a certificate by e-mail.  So it's a bit like Oxfam Unwrapped meets the million dollar home page.


The gift of the virtual land costs the donor £20.  £9 is given to the Healthy Planet  Project who host the land (all the details of their projects are on the website and there's a great range to choose from) and £9 goes to the school who suggested the idea.




(The remaining 10% is retained by Healthy Planet to fund their operation — as you probably know 10% is very low compared to just about any charity.)


If you think it's a good idea, can I persuade you to pass it on to a school you know and encourage them to participate?


They only need to apply for a special code so that the funds come back to them and then send the code with this link to the website with a request to parents to have a read and see if it's for them.  If they would rather fund raise for another cause (e.g. a school your school has adopted then they just need to tell Healthy Planet when they apply for the code).


Get in touch with the charity if you're interested in taking the idea further (mention our name) or just forward this blog to  relevant people you might know - contacts in other schools, parents, teachers and so on  — either way, please let me know what you think so we can develop the idea for next Christmas.






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