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Hammersmith's Royal Ladies
Hammersmith's Royal Ladies
Hammersmith has plenty of Queens of England.
Your name be what drives your career success but either way it provides some funny coincidences. I was at school with a boy called Duane Pipes - we lost touch and so I've no idea if he fulfilled his destiny
New Mums often devote themselves completely to the new one and forget to look after themselves - here are some tips from local expert Lisa Barnwell of Me and My Baby Therapy Clinic on how to help getting the balance right
thebestof are recruiting!
thebestof are recruiting!
We're expanding the business after a very successful first 6 months and looking for energetic, smart people to help us move to our next stage of expansion - if you know anyone who might fit the bill, please send them this article or get them in touch.
Looking through the plans for Earls Court I'm struck by how they might make a fairly unattractive piece of land useable and better for local people and i can't help but compare to the plans for King Street which...well...don't
The council and Met are getting more impressive both in the way they are consulting and engaging with local people about crime and anti social behaviour control and also in the way they are communicating about it.
It's not only Colin Firth getting the accolades this week. Me & My Baby Therapy Rooms
A passionate defence of our local treasury of knowledge - the H&F Archive and in particular the two archivists who provide a wealth of local history and information. Nobody likes cutting services - Simon Rodway argues here that this service is essential.
You might not want to know how much crime there is in your area but I wonder if you'll be able to resist putting your postcode into this new site from the Home Office that gives you all the stats. for better or worse.
We filmed local historian and blue badge guide Simon Rodway at the site of the White City Stadium talking about the 1908 Olympiad. Without "Water Motorsports", Jeu de Paume and Tug of War, will 2012 be a let down by comparison?
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