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If you live in Hammersmith and Fulham and you have tried and tested many diets without success, it's time to try JanePlan! Created by Jane Michell, JanePlan is a diet and lifestyle programme designed to suit your needs.





For Effortless Weight Loss

In Hammersmith and Fulham



Your Diet Designed and Delivered



If you would like to lose weight and have tried many diets without success, you should try JanePlan.


A simple diet that focuses on portion control and blood sugar maintenance, JanePlan is based on reliable scientific research and supported by years of experience.


If the diet industry has let you down, call JanePlan today to arrange a consultation.


0207 1298099


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About Us


JanePlan was established by expert nutritionist, Jane Michell.


Having developed her love for food working at the BBC with some well known household names e.g. Delia Smith and Rick Stein, Jane then worked for several London private hospitals helping people achieve successful weight loss.


Jane Says:


"I am a new voice in the world of weight loss offering real-life, hands-on, straight-talking advice and after 8 years working with a myriad of people looking to lose or manage their weight I know my strategies work. I'm a real woman - a working mother of three, who has lost and managed my own weight for 17 years…I know the secret of being slim".


Now, working alongside nutritionists, doctors, fitness professionals and life coaches, the team at JanePlan offer a diet of beautiful, healthy food designed especially for you.





At JanePlan, we recognise the importance of eating good quality food, in the right quantities at the right times and that is why we provide you with healthy, tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners delivered direct to your door.


Your plan is very much tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle and we will help you meet your goals every step of the way.


Sample Menu



Muesli with natural low fat yoghurt


Mid Morning Snack

2 plums



Wild salmon salad with bulgur wheat


Afternoon Snack

A mini chocolate chip cookie



Tuscan chicken with steamed green beans and grilled baby tomatoes.

Mixed berries



One client recently said:


"The first diet I've actually liked, and more importantly, stuck to! The food tastes great, the support is ongoing and there whenever you need it.. I lost over a stone and dropped a dress size in just over a month, as well as looking a lot better"


For a personal consultation to identify the right weight loss plan to suit you, call our team today on 0207 1298099 - we have the following amazing options:


  • Full JanePlan
  • One Night Off JanePlan
  • Weekends off Plan
  • JanePlan that includes your partner



Why Choose JanePlan?


More and more people in Hammersmith and Fulham are choosing JanePlan to kick start their weight loss or start a longer term diet for the following reasons:


  • The plans are sensible, realistic and enjoyable and tailored to suit you!
  • One to One support and help is always available should you lapse;
  • Food deliveries arrive in a discreet box;
  • Our specialist coaches and fitness consultants will work with you to change your lifestyle;
  • The food is so tasty; you won't even feel like you're on a diet.



So, if you're looking for a weight loss plan that offers nutritionally balanced food, prepared and delivered with care, contact JanePlan today!



Please mention The Best of Hammersmith and Fulham when you contact JanePlan for weight loss, dieting and weight control, slimming and food and drink delivered.

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