Wormholt Park Community Association
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The Wormholt Park W12 community want to make the park a better place for all of our children. Thebestof Hammersmith and Fulham is delighted to help this new community organisation achieve its goals. If you're a parent, a wildlife lover, a dogwalker, a sportslover living around Wormholt Park, then join this group.


Friends of Wormholt Park is established to develop park facilities in 2011 - with funding promised from Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

Why have Friends Group?

A new Friends of Wormholt Park has been established following dialogue between a group
of local residents and the Council about how to improve the park for all stakeholders. The
aim of the new Friends Group is to improve the park both in the short term and over 1-3
year development plan.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has green lit funding to spend in 2011 to develop
Wormholt Park's facilities with implementation starting towards the end of the year.

Membership of the Friends Group is open to all and has a Facebook page as well as a site

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