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Great staff, fantastic discount and deal and Great service from Jackie. :) :)
Jackie, the beautician at Buty Salon was very friendly and did a really excellent job. I would definitely recommend her.
Sam is THE best waxer I have ever had - very quick, very nice to talk to and I even got a quick leg massage - absolutely exceptional!
Most thorough, attentive therapist of yours I've ever been treated by - I love sam - she's such a lovely lady!
Have been coming here for 10 years and the ladies are always very nice, helpful and do a really great job. Thank you Sam and the team
The staff and the service at Buty salon are excellent. My therapist is Sam. Highly recommended.
Very friendly service, excellent leg wax - thank you Sam and Buty Salon!
Tara was brilliant - she made me feel very welcome and gave me very good beauty advice and made lots of recommendations. Her room was really tidy and comfortable. Highly recommended!
I was with Jackie for a hot wax - hollywood style! It was totally pain free and a great result! Totally professional!
Excellent speedy service at Buty Salon and really good value. My therapist was Sam
The best facial ever - combined with massage - it really is superb. the therapist was Sam and she was amazing
The best facial ever - combined with massage - it really is superb. The therapist at Buty salon was Sam and she was amazing
The service at Buty Salon was really impeccable! I didn't think anyone would calm my nerves but it turned out to be the best wax and least painful treatment I've ever had.
Sam at Buty Salon is wonderful! I love her!!! Highly recommended
Every year I started on various New Year Resolutions, promising to be a better person, work harder, be more focused, love and cherish life. At some point I dumped all, returning to square 1: a semi-depressed mother with obscure mind and lacking serenity. Even loving my child and adoring my partner, there’s a gap to be filled in my brain/heart/soul. I tried many things, but never finding peace. Once again, I’m making a bid to find peace through tantra allowing a year to see change. Why tantra? After studying/ practicing various philosophies (shaping the current “I”, failing to bring change), I returned to a special person who offered his help years ago. Then, I rejected his offer and 8 years on I found him again: “When the student is ready the master appears” suits my case well. Having an interest in Eastern philosophies, through late teenagehood, I was obsessed with Osho’s teachings, whose spiritual path combined elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and other religious/philosophic traditions, humanistic psychology, meditation; then embracing Islamic philosophy and practice. Searching again, I met Mal (London’s pioneer tantric therapist) in 2003. We talked about my interest in Eastern philosophies, constant search for elusive love and satisfaction. He suggested I explore tantra. Though open -minded and excited, after the first session I felt overwhelmed and unable to cope with the tsunami of emotions - instead of returning to Mal, I suppressed my emotions for years. I decided to seek Mal's advice 8 years later. This time, clear about my questions/needs, I was ready for the long journey to reach my goal (in fact my ultimate) to achieve serenity and love. I was offered a tantric journey that promises to bring the healing - I am up for it. I’ll be seeing my master 3 times a month, about 40 times a year. I will be posting my reflections of every single training session and perhaps additional postings of my own mini researches on tantric life.
Buty salon have VERY good products, really nice staff (a little expensive but...)
WONDERFUL massages, very service minded and thoughtful therapists + staff, nicely set up rooms Thank you!
The treatment was excellent. I liked the massage and how my skin felt afterwards. Perhaps a more thorough extraction would have been good too. Otherwise I'm really happy.
Great relaxed atmosphere. Lovely lovely efficient staff. Delicious product. Great service at Buty Salon
I have just had and excellent deep tissue massage and feel relaxed and invigorated so would recommend Buty Salon to others.
Buty Salon's massages were very popular with the young women and their mothers, they enjoyed the experience so much that a number of them went back for 3 massages with each therapist! The staff showed great commitment in providing non--stop treatments on the day, and were very friendly and accommodating to everyone involved. A couple of girls are now regular members of The Brunswick, thanks to the Good to Me Campaign, and we have got to know the parents of the young people who attended better. Two mums in particular have approached the club and asked when it will be happening again!
Popped in last week with my teenage daughter and had some wonderful treatments. And so great that they are open Sunday morning! Will be returning soon for a top up.
I popped in last week with my teenage daughter and we had a wonderful time,some lovely treatments and came out feeling fabulous. So great that they are open Sunday morning.
WONDERFUL massages, very service minded and thoughtful therapists+ staff, nicely set up rooms @butysalon Thank you!
I would like to give some feedback about a treatment I had with one of your therapists last night. I had a deep tissue massage with Gabriella at about 8.30pm on the 18 March and it was FANTASTIC, I felt like I was floating down the road after and it was one of the best massages I’ve had in a long long long long time. I intend to be back for another treatment with Gabriella! I found her very helpful before, during and after the treatment, I had some questions and was unsure on which treatment – and with her input I was completely satisfied with the choice. Please pass on my thanks to Gabriella, I will be recommending Büty Salon and especially Gabriella to my friends and am very much looking forward to meeting my next therapist for a Reflexology treatment. Natasha Younger - Client of Büty Salon Fulham
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