The Prince Clinic
  • Queen Anne House
    15 Thames Street
    Richmond upon Thames
    Greater London
    TW12 2EW
The Prince Clinic – A centre of excellence for Circumcision in Hackney


The Best of Hackney is proud to feature The Prince Clinic as an excellent choice of clinics for Circumcision for residents in the  Hackney Borough area.


The Prince Clinic is a centre of excellence for circumcisions.  They offer qualified child-specialist surgeons and doctors with more than 15 years experience of performing circumcisions.  All medical staff at the centre are fully trained in paediatric care and have the necessary experience to deal with children of all ages.  The centre performs 50-60 circumcisions per month for children of all cultural backgrounds and nationalities making circumcision the most commonly performed procedure at the Prince Clinic.


The Prince Clinic uses the most comprehensive method of pain relief possible to ensure that your son will NOT feel ANY pain during or after the procedure.  Circumcisions are performed under local anaesthesia using a penile nerve block and gel/cream making the area totally numb for 3-4 hours.  Most of the children at the Prince Clinic are so relaxed that they remain or fall asleep during the procedure.  In an anonymous survey 100% of parents who had used the clinic said that the service they received was much better than expected and that they would definitively recommend the clinic to their family and friends.


The procedure itself takes less than 30 minutes to complete and the after-care is easy as there are no bandages or dressings to change.  Special attention is paid to the cosmetic outcome of the procedure and you will be able to access a member of the team 24/7 if you have any concerns or questions following your appointment.  The clinic is a child and parent friendly environment with a special area dedicated to circumcision.  Prices start from £120 depending on the child’s age and the circumcision technique.


Circumcision is a ‘simple’ procedure although the consequences of doing it badly can be costly both for you and your son.  Ensure that you get a fully trained and experienced paediatric surgeon who can offer the best outcome for your son by contacting the Prince Clinic for a free consultation on 08456 525 777.  For more information about the services offered by the clinic and more detailed information about circumcision please visit the website at


Please mention The Best of Hackney when contacting The Prince Clinic – Centre of Excellence for Circumcisions for residents in the  Hackney Borough area.

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