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Andrew Grillet Furniture in Hackney is the original manufacturer of cardboard furniture - practical and fabulous for those used to using the rental market

59b6732bc6a711569900155bAre you an event planner in need of trendy-looking affordable, easy to use furniture? Or you simply wish to keep your sandwiches out of the sand next time you’re on holiday?

Andrew Grillet Furniture is an online store selling temporary cardboard furniture which can be used for promotional and event purposes, and is a great substitute for when you want to showcase an apartment without fearing any damage fees as you would through renting.

Developed and created by Andrew Grillet, a furniture designer who came across the idea of creating this type of furniture by accident; temporary cardboard furniture is entirely made of recyclable materials and requires no glue, screws or tools to be put together.

Combined with the fact that it’s 60% made out of recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable, this temporary furnishing solution from Hackney, is not only budget friendly, but also eco-friendly.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as store, they make a great substitute for when you need an affordable and light furniture of simple lines available to you in a very short time-frame. The tables come in 3 heights and differing designs to suit all occasions : children's play tables, beach tables, office tables to banqueting tables!

Andrew Grillet Furniture based in Hackney, has received positive reviews for making wedding venues and family holidays easier to plan and enjoy.

Andrew’s furniture can be ordered through his online store, and they are distributing across the UK 

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