Central Africa Rights & Aids Society
  • Unit 4, 2nd Floor, The Printhouse
    18 Ashwin Street
    E8 3DL
(CARA) Society - Promoting Health Education and Social Development in and around Hackney.

Central Africa Rights & Aids (CARA) Society

Charitable Organisation in Hackney


CARA is a charitable organisation based in Hackney that presses for social recognition and campaigns for fair and respectful treatment from the police and courts of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants.


Our charitable activities in Hackney include advice on  Immigration, Debt, Employment, Housing & Discrimination. We have a number of experts on hand who willingly donate their time to help out the less fortunate.

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CARA Society in Hackney focuses on 6 main points:

  1. To relieve financial hardship.
  2. To promote Health.
  3. To advance education.
  4. To provide recreation facilites.
  5. To promote racial harmony.
  6. To establish a community centre.


We do this in a mixture of ways mainly by donating money, clothes and food to the needy. We give medical advice to help combat AIDS and other preventable diseases. We also help by arranging access to medical facilities and access to job opportunities in and out of Hackney.


We offer a free telephone advice session on immigration law on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon.

Our telephone number is

(020) 7254 64 15.

This telephone service is staffed by one of our four specialist immigration advisors. Unfortunately we cannot help you if you do not currently reside in the UK.


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Naturally all these charitable activities costs lots of money which we have to collect from generous patrons. If you wish to donate to our charitable organisation please follow this link


All donations however large or small are gratefully accepted.

Please mention The Best of Hackney when contacting

CARA Society

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