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I am passionate about what I do - I am a Professional Workshop Leader and Coach with over 24 years' experience, including Globally with British Airways. I design and run training courses, workshops and webinars and run my own successful Training and Coaching Business: Thrive Coaching & Training. In addition, I organise Retreats and other Events.

As an entrepreneur, I have worked with Coaches myself (as well as being a Coach) and highly recommend trying coaching if you haven't already done so.

Having experienced Coaching from both sides, I often get asked this question: “What is Coaching exactly?”
Or, “What are the benefits of coaching?”

What is Coaching?

Coaching comes in a variety of forms; in essence it is about helping you to be the very best version of yourself as a Person, Leader and Executive / Entrepreneur.

People quite rightly compare this to Sports Coaching. It is similar in the sense that it focuses on what you want to achieve and evolves your skills to reach your Goal, plus more.

Coaches attentively, actively and intuitively listen, asking useful questions, establishing trust, self-belief - respecting you; where you are currently and where you want to get to. These attitudes and intentions underlie Coaching. Leading on from this we use techniques that challenge, raise awareness, responsibility and action.

These qualities have been given the name Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Emotional Intelligence underlies coaching. There is a conception that coaching is about learning skills, like listening, questioning, clarifying. But coaching is really about the intention behind the words – treating people with respect, building their confidence and showing EQ.

The focus is self-directed throughout.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever got was to get a coach. Bill Gates emphatically says everyone should have a coach. Venture capitalist Fred Wilson advocates coaching too, especially for first-time CEOs.

Can you envision a future in which all CEOs and professionals work with a coach just as serious athletes do today?

And companies budgeting for coaching the way they do for Internet access and collaboration software — as foundational to growth?

The more talent-dependent a company, the greater the marginal returns.

I'm passionate about Coaching because I've experienced the benefits of a positive coaching partnership on both sides.

I look forward to meeting you all and I am interested to know more about what you do, your passions and what inspired you to take the journey you are on.