• Portelet Beach
  • Sunday 27th October 8:00am until 5:00pm
This race is a 3 point UTMB Qualifying Race and is probably the toughest race on Guernsey today and is certainly one of the prettiest.

You will be looked after with 3 aid stations en route and plenty of support.

The course is tough with plenty of ascent but you have an achievable cut off to realise your goal and attain the ITRA points based on your performance. Your legs will forgive you eventually

This race is an official qualifier for international races which require completion of an ITRA race of 3 points

The 2019 Nutcracker will take place on Sunday 27th October starting at 8am GMT

Registration from 07:00am (GMT)

Race briefing at 07:45am (GMT)

  • There will be 3 fully stocked aid stations / checkpoints and several water stops along the route
  • The course is fully marked
  • drop bags at half way
  • We are a cupless event

Race Rules

  • The race cut off is 9 hours. All runners who do not complete the race within this time will not be eligible for an official time
  • We do not tolerate litter and we ask participants to respect the environment and other trails users
  • If you litter the trails you will be disqualified from the event
  • If you fail to assist a fellow participant in need if required, you will be disqualified from the event**
  • If the trails are congested the runners on the ascent should be given priority
  • When overtaking another participant, please let then know you are approaching and overtake on the inside (furthest away from the cliff edges)
  • Please try and make room for faster runners when they are passing
  • And most importantly SMILE :) This is a race and you should be having fun !!

**If you assist a runner in need, the event director will take this into consideration and your official time may be adjusted to account for the time you volunteered

This event does not have any mandatory kit, however we do stongly advise runners to carry sufficient water with them for upto 2 hours between checkpoints. We would also advise trail shoes. The course at this time of year is normally still hard packed dirt, but there are some rocky sections and can be muddy in wet conditions. Also few tarmac sections

Race listings:

We would appreciate that advanced notification is given if you are unable to make the race. This is out of respect to your fellow trail running family who would also like the opportunity you requested. Refunds available up to 30days before the event start.

Any questions or feedback please email

Best of luck with your training

The team and the Guernsey community

* thebestof cannot be held responsible for any changes, amends or cancellations of an event