Autism Bear Hunt
  • Around the island
    GY4 6RU
41 bears are displayed around the island ready to be found.

Two competitions are currently running to be in with a chance of winning some great prizes.

41 bears need to be 'hunted' around the island.

The app competition can be downloaded using Turfhunt which is a free app.

You will then see the Bear Hunt competition.

Quizzes can also be purchased from St. Peter's Post Office, Bus Terminus Office and Up Climbing.

If you just want to find the bears maps are also available from the Bus Terminus or Up Climbing.

Prizes include Sony wireless headphones, Ipad, Vouchers for £100, £50 etc.


Future dates
  • Tuesday 28th May
  • Wednesday 29th May
  • Thursday 30th May
  • Friday 31st May
  • Saturday 1st June
  • Sunday 2nd June
  • Monday 3rd June
  • Tuesday 4th June
  • Wednesday 5th June
  • Thursday 6th June
  • Friday 7th June
  • Saturday 8th June
  • Sunday 9th June
  • Monday 10th June
  • Tuesday 11th June
  • Wednesday 12th June
  • Thursday 13th June
  • Friday 14th June
  • Saturday 15th June
  • Sunday 16th June
  • Monday 17th June
  • Tuesday 18th June
  • Wednesday 19th June
  • Thursday 20th June
  • Friday 21st June
  • Saturday 22nd June
  • Sunday 23rd June
  • Monday 24th June
  • Tuesday 25th June
  • Wednesday 26th June
  • Thursday 27th June
  • Friday 28th June
  • Saturday 29th June
  • Sunday 30th June
  • Monday 1st July
  • Tuesday 2nd July
  • Wednesday 3rd July
  • Thursday 4th July
  • Friday 5th July
  • Saturday 6th July
  • Sunday 7th July
  • Monday 8th July
  • Tuesday 9th July
  • Wednesday 10th July
  • Thursday 11th July
  • Friday 12th July
  • Saturday 13th July
  • Sunday 14th July
  • Monday 15th July
  • Tuesday 16th July
  • Wednesday 17th July
  • Thursday 18th July
  • Friday 19th July
  • Saturday 20th July
  • Sunday 21st July
  • Monday 22nd July
  • Tuesday 23rd July
  • Wednesday 24th July
  • Thursday 25th July
  • Friday 26th July
  • Saturday 27th July
  • Sunday 28th July
  • Monday 29th July
  • Tuesday 30th July
  • Wednesday 31st July
  • Thursday 1st August
  • Friday 2nd August
  • Saturday 3rd August
  • Sunday 4th August
  • Monday 5th August
  • Tuesday 6th August
  • Wednesday 7th August
  • Thursday 8th August
  • Friday 9th August
  • Saturday 10th August
  • Sunday 11th August
  • Monday 12th August
  • Tuesday 13th August
  • Wednesday 14th August
  • Thursday 15th August
  • Friday 16th August
  • Saturday 17th August
  • Sunday 18th August
  • Monday 19th August
  • Tuesday 20th August
  • Wednesday 21st August
  • Thursday 22nd August
  • Friday 23rd August
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