• Islay
    Les Gigands
    St Sampsons
    GY2 4YX
A local charity for people with learning difficulties.

Menfun helps local people with learning difficulties to go on holidays or take part in leisure activities.

A holiday is not just something we enjoy for days, we also look forward to it for months and create memories which will last years.

For people with learning difficulties it is especially important to have the stimulation of a break from routine, but the cost of travelling from Guernsey can make this difficult for many. Menfun helps by contributing towards these costs.

We have also donated wheelchairs and vehicles so that people can take part in activities around the island, such as a trip into town which most would take for granted.

With your help we can keep this fantastic cause funded for many more years to come. To find out more or to donate please visit our website:

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