Wax Melts 4 U
  • Guernsey
All our wax melts are made with 100% soy wax and highly fragranced scent. I began my business in January 2020, I make all our wax melts in my mum's kitchen at home in the lovely island of Guernsey !!!

A bit about Me (the founder of Waxmelts4u)

My name is Ellie Mills I am a 13yr old entrepreneur.

In 2019 after several fainting episodes I was diagnosed with a condition called Syncope and due to this it has resulted in me suffering with severe anxiety and agoraphobia as I’m scared to go out in case I faint, I haven’t left home now for nearly 2 years, I am getting professional treatment now so hopefully I can try and overcome my fears and worries in the future.

I left education in September 2019 to be home educated because of my condition.  In January 2020      I decided I wanted a hobby so searched YouTube and came up with the idea of making Wax Melts, which I did and really enjoyed and gave them to family and friends who thought they were absolutely amazing so that positive feedback gave me a boost and then what happened…………..

Waxmelts4u was launched!!

The day after my 12th Birthday on 27th January 2020,  I started my own business, making wax melts in my mums kitchen there was just no stop in me I thought of the company name Waxmelts4u, designed my own logo, researched the regulations for making and selling wax melts, got my business insured and even built my own website.

Over the past 12 months my small business outgrew my mums kitchen space as I was making larger batches of products so I have a purpose built HQ as I call it to make them in and store all my stock

I have brand reps in the UK promoting my products on Instagram, my aim is to get 10k followers on Instagram

All my wax melts are made from 100% soy wax, and highly fragranced scent and are all CLP labelled.

Due to my mental health it’s not possible for me to attend fayres and fetes so my business was not recognised as nobody had heard of it until recently my Mum Anna who is the founder of the  Guernsey Small Business market, she set it up in September purposely for my business to be there and be recognised by the public, my mum and dad run the stall for me but once I have finished treatment my aim is to be able to attend in person I have also recently been advertised in the local press and on radio Guernsey.