Women only’ parking spaces on the rise
8th August 2014
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Are women only parking spaces a good idea?

Women only parking spaces have actually been a big hit wherever they’ve been installed. More and more are being established in various parts of the world. So far they have been spotted in China, Italy, Germany, Kuwait, Indonesia, Austria and Malaysia. In Germany, they were introduced due to a backlash of announcing male only parking spaces.

Some people believe this is causing a gender divide and that it could result in creating oppression on women. Furthermore, it could also insinuate that women are bad drivers and lack confidence in driving and parking. This leads to some very negative messaging.

Statistics prove that women are not bad drivers and that men are more reckless, especially young ones. Are these governments trying to create female driving awareness? Who knows, but it would be a shame if these women only parking spaces were introduced in the UK.

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