Where do you feel Gloucester Rugby needs to change? Is it just the players? Is it the coaches and style of play, or Is it the boardroom?
4th January 2010
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Gloucester Rugby Club is not where it should be, that's a fact!

Lying far to near the relegation zone and losing/drawing games we should really be winning due to the inability to finish moves after much of the territory/possesion. Having the fear of the drop only a few points away!


But where is it really going wrong? There is plenty of gossip from followers stating that we have an inadequate squad with far too many young kids who do not have the required ability to stake a claim in the match day squad. That we do not pay the money to get the big names to the club. That we are using the wrong tactics for the players we currently have.




I feel we have a great squad full of quality players both young and experienced. (When fit) Look at our 1stXV, Tindall is getting on in years but still offers so much when not injured, SinBad is class but due to his injuries and others he is not played consistantly in a particular position, Voyce is a good winger but has had to play too often at fullback, Haze is the man to put his body where it hurts without a blink but has been unfortunate in both injuries and (in my opinion) silly decisions by officials and panels, and i could go on...


The young guns who have filled in, Darren Dawidiuk, Freddy Burns, Henry Trinder, et al have shown more than good signs of the future with some really coming of age, such as Charlie Sharples (some supporters player of the season so far)!


That said, we need to continue to build the squad as strength in depth is not what it should be compared to the top 6 teams. Nicky Robinson and Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu have been very good signings but the boardroom need to pull out all the stops to add to them. Without knowing the full financial situation at the club I could not say how much they need to spend but spend they must in order to attract big names to Gloucester.


As for the coaching staff and tactics, well, I was not a fan of Dean Ryan as he took us as far as he could but was blinkered in his philosphy. Redpath is a genuine bloke and has a great deal of respect throughout the club. It's tough to comment on his impact in the dressing room as neither you or I are in there - However he does seem a tad reserved for my liking, not that you have to rant and rave to acheive results but I would like to see more passion from not only the players but also the coaching staff. On this, I was at Kingsholm for Ian McGeechans' talk which was facinating and on one occasion he hinted that he would be open for a consultation type role as he is no longer contracted to a club. Now this to me, if it wasn't a 'come and get me plea' was a great chance to get a world class Coach/Manager on board to assist in the development of Gloucester Rugby. I'd love to know if any talks were held?


Do Gloucester Rugby look after their supporters well enough is another point in question!


So, what do you think? Where are we going wrong and where can we go from here? What are your thoughts on Gloucester Rugby and it's current plight? Let me know and share your ideas. You never know - the right people might just be listening...

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