What's YOUR opinion on the variety of local shops in the city?
12th April 2010
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Do you think we have a good variety of local shops on high street?

Are there too many National brands out there smothering our local retailers?

And are you doing enough to support your local shops?


Here in Gloucester we are in the middle of a huge multi-million pound re-generation project to improve the whole shopping experience to both local residents and to attract tourism in from outside the area.

Obviously we are very proud of our city but can we say we really do what we can to support our local retailers?



     Do we buy our meat from the large supermarkets or do we visit the local butcher for example?

     Have we got the enough local shops in the first place?

     Does the city council do enough to encourage local traders to start up businesses and offer the right support to them to encourage growth?



We want to know your views on your shopping experiences and how you feel about supporting the "Buy Local" campaign...





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